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Predictive Analytics standards—R, Hadoop and PMML

"Predictive Analytics standards—R, Hadoop and PMML"

Standards in Predictive Analytics

White Paper: Decision Management Solution

Standards play a central role in creating an ecosystem that supports current and future needs for broad, real-time use of predictive analytics in an era of Big Data.
Just a few years ago it was common to develop a predictive analytic model using a single proprietary tool against a sample of structured data. This would then be applied in batch, storing scores for future use in a database or data warehouse. Recently this model has been disrupted.
There is a move to real-time scoring, calculating the value of predictive analytic models when they are needed rather than looking for them in a database. At the same time the variety of model execution platforms has expanded with in-database execution, columnar and in-memory databases as well as MapReduce-based execution becoming increasingly common.

Standards in Predictive Analytics
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