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"XBRL Software for Data Collection and Analysis"

Real Data for Real Change:End-to-End XBRL Software for Data Collection and Analysis

Real Data for Real Change:End-to-End XBRL Software for Data Collection and Analysis

White Paper: SQL Power

The fully-integrated, end-to-end XBRL software for data collection and analytics provides the optimal medium for collecting, managing, mining and reporting against standardized electronic content worldwide. XBRL Power Suite is an eSignature-ready Supervision Management Framework that's completely multilingual.

The solution integrates easily into existing regulatory infrastructures to unify de-centralized operations, and streamline important regulatory oversight functions.

This insightful whitepaper identifies:

  • What is XBRL mainly used for? How can this dynamic platform help Governments around the world make better decisions?

  • What are the advantages of a complete end-to-end XBRL based regulatory platform?

  • How can XBRL platform provide Governments with pre-validated, consistent and accurate machine readable data?

Download this whitepaper that brings you the best and most comprehensive platform for data collection and analytics worldwide.

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