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Financial Controls Best Practices for Managing your Business

"Financial Controls Best Practices for Managing your Business"

Managing Your Financial Controls

White Paper: AutoRek

How to manage your financial controls gaining efficiencies, mitigating risk and enhancing controls?

Financial control must contend with complicated data environments, regulatory pressures and ever-present need to gain efficiencies. As businesses become more ascendable, a tactical solution to collate or analyze huge sets of data is no longer sustainable.

 A robust process is needed that can manage financial controls and track transactions and accounts through their lifecycle. Managers would like access to key data in period of time and have problems escalated to them as they happen.

This white paper informs how dashboards and workflows can accomplish that from assignment of individual responsibility to account attestation and regulatory reporting, providing a strong robust automated financial control framework to completely support financial management.

This whitepaper addresses present-day financial controls questions, such as :

  • How to manage financial controls and track transactions and accounts through lifecycle?
  • How to build a robust control environment and how to deal with complex data environments?
  • What are the risks of tactical solutions?
  • How to control the period end process?
  • How a financial control framework supports financial management?

Managing Your Financial Controls
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