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"Building mobile apps that will playback the sounds in a handier way"

Developing Complex Solutions in Mobile, Web, Embedded, and UX/UI Areas

Developing Complex Solutions in Mobile, Web, Embedded, and UX/UI Areas

White Paper: Archer Software

Development of interfaces and applications meeting the current requirements, both in terms of ergonomics and design and in terms of reliability and performance (UI, UX) is a daunting task.

This whitepaper focuses on automotive space demonstrating a wide range of software development edges: building Telematics and ADAS systems, helping clients creating prototypes, creating retail and infotainment apps.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • How to improve pedestrian safety, simulation engine sound

  • How to deepen the expertise in the Automotive field

  • Building mobile apps that will playback the sounds in a handier way

  • How to take readings from the car and playing various sounds via laptop speakers or headphones according to the vehicle acceleration/deceleration

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