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"Biggest Impact of Digital technology in publishing industry"

The Changing Face of Publishing: Gauging the Impact of Digital Technology

The Changing Face of Publishing: Gauging the Impact of Digital Technology

White Paper: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

The emergence of digital technology has equally impacted the publishing industry. The threshold to paper-based books is on a significant decline due to the digital revolution. This has led to the advancement of a new phase, in the management of core processes that serve as the backbone for any publishing house. But, the lack of integration on current systems is a major reason for the disruption of supply chain in publishing sector.

Implementation of ERP solutions has always been a booster to management barriers, and introducing the same to a publishing firm will definitely leverage the market for decision makers.

Find out more about the Impact of Digital Technology through the Whitepaper below and address all your queries:

Has the increased use of digital platform impacted business decisions?

Will switching to ERP solutions enhance your publication firm’s business growth?

What are the benefits and barriers while using publishing supply chain technology?

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