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"Selecting Personalisation Software that best meets your needs & budget"

Selecting Personalisation Software - An Overview

White Paper: Apptus

Although ecommerce is now a relatively mature industry, the software solutions that form the basis for the industry are still very much evolving.

So, if you’re in the process of selecting personalization software where should you begin and what questions should you ask?

This whitepaper offers some simple advices to help you through the process so that you can select the personalization software that best meets your needs and budget.

Key questions for evaluating your personalization software:

  • Have you sense-checked your requirements and selection criteria with a third-party?

  • Where you sit on the maturity curve has implications on how you should conduct the selection process?

  • If you find yourself revising your scorecard during the selection process, can you fairly apply the new criteria to all prospects, or do you need to restart the process?

  • Have you identified reference clients who have similar requirements of software to your own?


Selecting Personalisation Software - An Overview
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