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"Personalisation: Successful ecommerce is all about relevance and risk"

Personalisation isn’t everything. Successful ecommerce is all about relevance and risk

White Paper: Apptus

Personalisation is one of the hottest ‘buzzwords’ in the eCommerce and multichannel dictionary, argues that online retailers need to broaden their focus.

Rather than solely providing a ‘personalised’ journey on an eCommerce site, the entire customer experience should track the shopper wisely and identify exactly what is of optimum relevance at each and every separate interaction from the second they land.

This whitepaper helps the eCommerce sites to fully reach the potential of their online capabilities by harnessing the power of the intelligent technology.

It talks about:

  • Designing an interaction, Not a website- eCommerce sites need to acknowledge this

  • Online vs in-store- Making eCommerce more specialized

  • Merchandising predictions of the future- To drive the future of online retail

Personalisation isn’t everything. Successful ecommerce is all about relevance and risk
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