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"How can a right Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution drive improved project success?"

Take Project and Portfolio Management to the Next Level

Take Project and Portfolio Management to the Next Level

White Paper: Advaiya

A common reason projects fail is a lack of visibility over the entire spectrum of the project management process (PMP). Establishing a PMO is recommended to manage multiple projects and programs in collaboration under a centralized hub. By adhering to standardization, project teams can overcome hurdles and ensure that projects succeed. Bringing together data from different line-of-business applications and preparing a consolidated view eases the business innovation capability. To ensure the greatest impact, organizations need to efficiently handle large programs and invest in the right business strategy by understanding how projects are performing, and which projects should have the highest priority.

How to improve collaboration between teams? What is the impact of low visibility and improper workflows? How do data-driven decisions improve project performance?

Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these:

  • What Makes a Project Portfolio Difficult to Manage?

  • How to establish proper project management practices?

  • How can AdValue suppliment Constant Business Innovation?

  • Why Should You Choose Advaiya for PPM?

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What is

What is Business Intelligence ?

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process in which variety of software applications are used to analyze organization’s raw data and presenting the information in actionable format so executives and business leads can make better decisions looking at them. Although business intelligence has some common functions, it includes three basic functions: data mining, data analyzing and data processing.

What is marketing ?

To sell a product, a company follows some marketing techniques and strategies to get themselves identified by the customers in the market. It basically involves some marketing plans in order to ensure that the right-mix of products is reaching the right audience. It starts from the production department to the product manufacture; marketing department focused on promoting, distributing and pricing the product

What is Project Scheduling ?

Project Scheduling is an integral part of Project Management which helps in the planning and execution of day-to-day tasks in an organized manner. Organizations employ tools for project scheduling, which help in identifying the task to be performed, estimating the resources required for its execution and also defines the timeframe to carry it out.

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