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Managing Mobile ESI: What it is, and what it means for your company

"Managing Mobile ESI: What it is, and what it means for your company"

Best Practices for Managing ESI on Mobile Devices

Best Practices for Managing ESI on Mobile Devices

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Managing electronically stored information on mobile devices is becoming critical for organizations as employees routinely use their personal mobile devices to work either during or after their official workday that may ultimately prove to be discoverable evidence in an event of litigation.

To avoid any such issue, it is important to know:
Where is ESI located within the organization and what are the implications of this electronically stored information?
How to Identifying the information that is most relevant for litigation needs?
What are the important aspects of electronic data and how it should be managed?

Organizations face a number of challenges in reviewing the mobile ESI at the time when it matters the most, so companies should have a plan in place before any litigation arises that can allow them to both identify and preserve potentially relevant mobile ESI.

Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about the best practices to manage ESI on mobile device that includes:

• Managing Mobile ESI: What it is, and what it means for your company.
• Discovery and evaluation of potentially relevant ESI from mobile devices
• Maintaining Control: Corporate Policies that govern private mobile device use.
• Identification and Collection: Accessing ESI from mobile device.

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