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"Mobile Labs:How to Jump Start a Mobile Testing Lab Successfully"

Mobile Labs:Jump Start a Mobile Testing Lab

White Paper: Mobile Labs

Guide to Mobile Labs :Jump Start your Mobile Device Testing Lab and make sure your testing plans meet your business goals

Starting a mobile lab and Initiating a testing program for enterprise mobile apps can look like an impenetrable wall. Mobility presents new challenges that, once understood, do have logical solutions. 

The most successful mobile enterprises manage to retain the traditional goals of QA testing, while incorporating new requirements brought forth by mobile labs, and solving new challenges that mobility imposes on workflows, devices, developers, testers, and users alike.

In this white paper you will learn how to jump start your mobile testing lab with eleven key characteristics of successful mobile test lab programs, some of them includes:

  • Mobile Labs to test with real devices on real networks.

  • Use a secure, private mobile devices for your Mobile Labs to support both manual testing and automated testing.

  • Don’t automate everything: Know what makes sense to automate and what makes sense to do manually.

  • Know what you are testing when you first start your Mobile Lab.

  • Integrate the tools that you know into mobile testing.

Download this exclusive whitepaper on Mobile Testing Labs to learn:

  • The challenges that mobility imposes on apps, devices, developers, testers and users

  • Best practices to breakthrough with testing in Mobile Labs  and its related components

  • How to establish a successful Mobile Lab Testing Program.

Mobile Labs:Jump Start a Mobile Testing Lab
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