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Parallels Remote Application Server vs Citrix VDI-In-A-Box

White Paper: Parallels

VDI-in-a-Box is an easy-to-use VDI management solution for small and medium businesses alike, however, the framework is exceptionally limited in terms of functionality. For instance, users cannot scan and print from all type of devices, and administrators can only create guest image clones and cannot do any other managerial tasks related to the hypervisor. In addition, with VDI-in-a-Box, implementing some of the basic functionality included in a standard Parallels Remote Application Server installation requires the installation and configuration of additional components, some of which are third party and available at an additional cost. On the other hand, Parallels Remote Application Server is a complete VDI, desktop and application delivery solution that also allows organizations to manage users without the need to install and configure additional components. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: Why Parallels Remote Application Server? What are the Parallels Remote Application Server advantages? How VDI-in-a-Box differ from Parallels Remote Application Server in terms of VDI solution?

5 Reasons to Choose Parallels RAS Over Citrix Solutions

White Paper: Parallels

Virtualization technology is the conspicuous answer for building proficient and financially savvy IT and cloud solutions that enable the majority of employees to get to their information and virtual desktops safely. Citrix®, specifically, has driven the field of virtualization and application and virtual desktop delivery. Business software should be a means to automate and ease business operations rather than a means to introduce new, complex operations and costs. And that is exactly where Parallels has the edge on Citrix: Parallels RAS is a solution that checks all the right boxes. Parallels Remote Application Server is a cost-effective, all-in-one application and virtual desktop delivery solution that is easy to use and manage. It allows organizations to concentrate their efforts on the line of business rather than on the IT solution to run the business, without breaking the bank account. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How Parallels help businesses keep IT infrastructure costs down? How businesses can build more advanced VDI solutions with less money using Parallels RAS? Where Citrix falls short?

Switch to Parallels Remote Application Server and Save 60% Compared to Cintrix XenApp

White Paper: Parallels

Who Should Read This White Paper? Existing Citrix solutions users who need an application and virtual desktop delivery solution that is easy to use, low-cost, and can easily scale up to meet their business requirements. Considered an industry underdog by many, Parallels Remote Application Server has been in the industry since 2005, and many Citrix customers have already switched to Parallels Remote Application Server. This white paper examines how migrating to Parallels Remote Application Server (Remote Application Server) can reduce the costs of an application and virtual desktop delivery solution by 60%. Key takeaways from this white paper: Citrix XenApp vs Parallels Remote Application Server: features both solutions offer in an out-of-the-box solution Difference in the cost of licenses and yearly renewals for Citrix XenApp and Parallels Remote Application Server Parallels Remote Application Server Hardware Setup Scaling Up Parallels Remote Application Server

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