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"Overview of Plantronics Manager Pro Security"

Plantronics Manager Pro Security Overview

Plantronics Manager Pro Security Overview

White Paper: Plantronics

Plantronics takes security seriously and understands how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to the customers, and takes comprehensive measures to protect them.

Plantronics contracts with respected security firms who perform regular audits of the Plantronics Manager Pro services to verify that its security practices are sound, and to monitor its services for new vulnerabilities discovered by the security research community.

This whitepaper gives an overview of Plantronics Manager Pro Security and its different practices.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY-Plantronics Manager Pro requires limited employee access

  • PERSONNEL PRACTICES-Plantronics conducts background checks and other personnel practices

  • COMPLIANCE-With the security-related audits and certifications

  • DATA RETENTION-To support the functionality of Plantronics Manager Pro

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