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"Benefits and uses of RAN virtualization"

RAN Virtualization Goes Beyond C-RAN with RF Routing

White Paper: Dali Wireless

Radio Access Network (RAN) virtualization is a highly disruptive technology that will radically impact how wireless services are delivered. It will change the current ecosystem and market structure.

RAN Virtualization will allow mobile operators to provide greater value to win and retain customers, reduce production cost per megabyte, and utilize available resources more efficiently.

This whitepaper discusses the benefits and uses of RAN virtualization, and outlines how RF Router enables RAN Virtualization.

  • Major trends driving in-building and high traffic density zone wireless

  • Total market potential for equipment employing RAN virtualization

  • RAN virtualization defined

  • RF distribution enabling the concepts of a virtualized Radio Access Network architecture

Virtualization is altering the way MNOs plan and roll out new services by providing a scalable, on demand alternative to the traditional architecture. 

RAN Virtualization Goes Beyond C-RAN with RF Routing
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