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"Implementing a Proactive Chat System"

Implementing a Proactive Chat System to Solve Ecommerce Challenges

Implementing a Proactive Chat System to Solve Ecommerce Challenges

White Paper: Etech Global Services


Solving Ecommerce Business Challenges Through Proactive Chat

Implementing a Proactive Chat System gives us a fast, direct and uncomplicated experience– that’s what the experience should be like when customers contact companies.

In today’s global economy, businesses are doing all they can do to stay relevant with the expanding technology in an attempt to reach more customers. Customer support over the phone is no longer a preferred method of communication, encouraging issues such as shopping cart abandonment and low average order values, rather than preventing them.

The simple, yet highly effective solution lies within the application of proactive chat. Proactive chat is proactively trying to help the customer when the probability of the customer leaving the site is high.

Let’s dig into the benefits of proactive chat and how you can use it for your e-Commerce business:

  • Improves the service experience, increases conversion rates and reduces cancellations

  • Potentials for sales are directly identified and utilized, while the customer finds out about the product

  • Cost savings by reducing service queries through traditional channels

Download this informative whitepaper to learn:

How to implement proactive chat the right way?

What are the best practices to implement proactive chat?

How to increase lead conversion with proactive chat and what are its best practices?

What are the things that should be considered when implementing chat?

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