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"The Keys for Demo Cloud Automation"

Building Self Service Demo Clouds with CloudShell

Building Self Service Demo Clouds with CloudShell

White Paper: Quali

An accessible self-service portal that offers a predefined catalog of demonstration can address many shortcomings and make life easier for both sales teams and prospective customers. 

By leveraging the maturity, scalability, maintainability and ease of use capabilities o­ffered by CloudShell, sales and marketing teams can ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

This whitepaper on “Building Self Service Demo Clouds with CloudShell,” provides insights on how self-service demo clouds helps to deliver the products and services faster to market with better quality.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Cloud-based self-service access: Delivering complex demo environments

  • Demo and POC cost will make you non-competitive

  • Demo Clouds give you a competitive advantage

  • Cloud sandboxing enables eff­ective demo clouds

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