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B2B E-Commerce Playbook and Resource Guide

"B2B E-Commerce Playbook and Resource Guide"


White Paper: CloudCraze

Most leadership teams recognize the opportunity to boost sales and cement customer relationships by building better online and mobile experiences. But when faced with a variety of options and a growing sense of urgency, just getting started can be a challenge.

At $1 trillion, the global B2B market is four times the size of the B2C market overall. Yet in its Wave™ B2B Commerce Suites Q2 2015, Forrester reports that most B2B companies lag their B2C counterparts in terms of digital maturity and quality of customer experience.

Whether starting from scratch or replacing an aging legacy platform, you can find the most effective implementations by following six key principles in this whitepaper:

  • Candid assessment of how the system can improve or extend a company’s core business

  • Make a long-term plan with clear, short-term objectives

  • Talk with customers

  • Allow for iteration based on a feedback loop

  • Align your team, deploy fast and measure ROI

  • Develop a culture of commerce

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