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An Information Based UI to Empower Business Users

"An Information Based UI to Empower Business Users"

Empowering Business Users With An Information Based UI

Empowering Business Users With An Information Based UI


How to empower business users with information based user interface?

Nowadays, organizations are looking for a way to more effectively empower business users to create, manage, and optimize the online experience for their visitors in a fiercely competitive environment.

This whitepaper outlines the key capabilities that can empower business users to drive effective value on the web through a contextual approach and contextual digital online strategy.

It also addresses:

  • How can you empower business users to address the increasing demands of the evolving web?

  • What are the five fundamental prerequisites essential for content creation and management in user interface?

  • What are the benefits of information based user interface over traditional WCM system?

  • Why traditional WCM editorial tools are falling short of meeting firms needs?

  • How to use advanced web user interface to enhance productivity and empower business users?

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What is Application ?

Application also known as an "application" or an "app" by definition is a program or group of programs designed to perform a specific function or a group of coordinated function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program. To put it simply, an app is a type of software designed that allow its users to perform specific tasks. Basically, whenever you want to do something useful with your computer or mobile you will need the help of application software

What is CSS ?

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