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"Execution of the Strategy in The Process of Process Management"

The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution In a Digital World

The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution In a Digital World

White Paper: BPM-D

The execution of the strategy in the process of process management can be people or technology based – or a combination of both. Organizations need to master a systematic strategy execution and deal proactively with the opportunities and threats in this “digital world”.

The Process of Process Management (PoPM) was developed to build and run a value-driven BPM-Discipline for strategy execution. The BPM Discipline delivers significant business value by transferring strategy onto people and technology based execution – at pace with certainty so that it can meet the requirement of a systematic strategy execution and benefit from the opportunities of digitalization.

This whitepaper defines the BPM-Discipline and its value. It gives you an overview of a reference model developed for the PoPM and how it can be applied to build and run a value-driven BPM-Discipline for perfect strategy execution.

 This whitepaper sees into:

  • How BPM uses the “business process” concept as a vehicle for cross-organizational strategy execution?

  • How the Process of Process Management (PoPM) has operationalized the Business?

  • How can we enhance the value in Process of Process Management (PoPM)?

  • How can value be driven by improving execution of strategy using BPM-Discipline?

  • Four core frameworks that describe the Process of Process Management (PoPM).

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