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Customer service

The New Age in Customer Service

White Paper: Sutherland Global Services

As global banks emerge from the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, they face the dual and often conflicting challenges of redefining and redeveloping the customer experience while growing revenue and containing costs. Given the post-crisis decline in customer trust and confi dence, banks need to rebuild relationships in order to reconnect with lost customers and obtain new ones. At the same time, the ongoing environment of slow economic growth makes cost control imperative. Fortunately, today’s technological revolution, spurred by the generational popularity of mobile smartphones, tablets, and other leadingedge computer and mobile technologies, offers fi nancial institutions a growing number of venues for seamlessly connecting with customers, solidifying relationships, and delivering a satisfying customer care experience.

Rewarding Interactions: Are You Ready For Customer Intimacy?

White Paper: AIMIA

Building customer intimacy means creating a trusting, safe environment where both parties can share freely. In a competitive market where loyalty programs are ubiquitous, brands must set themselves apart to drive customer experiences to build real relationships. Companies are beginning to figure out how to reward customers for the important interactions that precede and follow a purchase. In this whitepaper, explore the four powerful pillars you can build to use interaction data to create customer intimacy and long-term loyalty. Key Takeaways from This White Paper On Customer Experience: Benefits of adding interaction data and tying it in with transaction data Rewarding interactions takes time and proper analysis Ways to boost loyalty and foster intimacy with engaged customers The power of social, mobile and digital customer interactions

All-in-one headset control. All in the cloud.

White Paper: Plantronics

PERSONAL HEADSET CONTROL FROM THE DESKTOP In the era of digitally empowered consumer, customer experience is a key business driver. Effortless management of headsets by IT and efficient headset control provides users with well-maintained devices that enable them to confidently engage with customers and ultimately improve the customer experience. When every call is critical, it’s essential that the customer service representative should be as effective as possible. It means being equipped to hear and be heard clearly, every time, and it starts with having a well-functioning headset. This whitepaper provides insights on how IT takes control of headsets company-wide, proactively managing user needs. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Is there a better way to manage your organization’s headsets? Why headset visibility matters to IT? How can IT organizations monitor, manage, and maintain headsets in near-real time?

Omni-channel commerce Making customer experience the new competitive advantage

White Paper: Ameyo

Omni-channel commerce seems to be picking up steam across industries and has radically transformed the way companies do business. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where buying processes are undergoing a radical transformation and switching costs are becoming virtually fictitious, companies that do not offer a superlative omni-channel experience are difficult to survive. This whitepaper on “Omni-channel commerce: Making customer experience the new competitive advantage”: Uncovers the radical changes in buying omni-channel experience, customer expectations, customer service Discusses the advancements in customer journey, the facets involved in implementing an omni-channel strategy Talks about a recently launched concept called “Universal Queue”, and its significance in omni-channel customer experience

A Guide to Increasing User Adoption of Customer Reference Programs

White Paper: Point Of Reference

To increase user adoption of Customer Reference Programs, executive support is the most important success factor. Customer Reference Management Practices continually evolves services and processes to demonstrate value and prove success to the executive team. Customer Reference Program Marketing Plan provides a step by step plan and timeline for establishing, promoting and measuring a formalized Customer Reference Program. This white paper talks about the customer reference program best practices, most common obstacles in customer reference program adoption and the practical suggestions in overcoming them. It covers: How revenue has been influenced by the Customer Reference Management System? How can customer records be a major statistic to increase sales and customer reference? What is the role of sales involvement in Customer Reference Program? How can you generate leads by managing the customer reference procurement?

Social Maturity Index (SMI)

White Paper: Conversocial

Every business needs to develop a customer centric strategy. It's how you identify and engage with new customers, and it's your front line for real-time customer service with new generations of users. With businesses still figuring out exactly how to measure social effectiveness and providing the best customer experience, an evaluation method called Social Maturity index (SMI) was created, for brands to map out their accurate position on the maturity scale. What is Social Maturity, and why do we need an index? How can you determine your brand’s social maturity? What are the indicators of robust innovation to extraordinary Social Media experiences? What actually defines a Socially Mature Brand? How do social media contribute to the customer experience? Download this informative whitepaper to learn how to enhance customer experience with social media and how SMI acts as a roadmap, an outline for the socially maturing brand.

Putting People at The Center of Technology Design

White Paper: Ultimate Software

This whitepaper explains the main drivers behind Ultimate’s people-first technology strategy and architecture, and how its approach is improving the work experiences for its customers and their employees. Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges in employee engagement like: • Company-wide commitment to simplifying and improving work experiences for  all employees • Continually evolving development approach that enables Ultimate to easily adapt UltiPro to changing market and customer demands • Use of cutting-edge user experience and development techniques and technologies • Empowerment of internal development teams through flexibility, collaboration, and autonomy • Partnerships with customers that includes them in the design process

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