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"People Management Solution and Strategies For Global Business"

Putting People at The Center of Technology Design

Putting People at The Center of Technology Design

White Paper: Ultimate Software

This whitepaper explains the main drivers behind Ultimate’s people-first technology strategy and architecture, and how its approach is improving the work experiences for its customers and their employees.

Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges in employee engagement like:

• Company-wide commitment to simplifying and improving work experiences for  all employees

• Continually evolving development approach that enables Ultimate to easily adapt UltiPro to changing market and customer demands

• Use of cutting-edge user experience and development techniques and technologies

• Empowerment of internal development teams through flexibility, collaboration, and autonomy

• Partnerships with customers that includes them in the design process

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Critical Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Human Capital Management (HCM) System

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Human Capital Management is defined as the process of managing an organization’s employees for them to contribute significantly in the overall productivity of organization. Organizations have their pick of these HCM solutions is making the decision of ‘which is the best’ for your organization a challenging one. As the digital HR is a top priority and with this surge of understanding for the growing importance of digital HR, it must be acknowledged that choosing the right HCM platform is equally important. This whitepaper highlights the 7 critical factors that must be considered when evaluating a Human Capital Management (HCM) System that would most enhance your human capital processes and support your strategies. Some of them are: Native Cloud-Based Design for the simplification of the deployment of an HCM system HCM Systems must be Ecosystem Friendly - API Integration with Third Party Applications Automatic Calculations & Real-Time Responses- Right HCM platform must support these calculations BONUS ITEM – Reporting & Analytics These key functionalities are most important and when you put them together in an innovative and intuitive way, it transforms your entire approach to human capital management.


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Human resources departments are not being spared in the revolutionary change of the digital age, and for savvy leaders, this creates a ripe opportunity to transition from a support function to a business partner. HR leaders have the ability to shift their positions in organizations from that of a tactical support function to a dynamic and critical business partner. This whitepaper highlights 5 tips to make the transition of HR leaders from support function to strategic leader. It includes: Make a strategic roadmap with supporting detail that will position you as the HR leader Create engagement plans for different generations customized with Digital HR Technology Start moving to the Cloud-With core HR functions Get out into the business-Translate them back to the human capital management strategy Be solutions oriented-HR departments can be a helping hand by being the source of solutions

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