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IT Costs

IT Managed Services eBook | Everything You Need to Know | Resultant

White Paper: Resultant

IT managed services—also called outsourced IT—keeps an eye on your technology systems and gives you a resource when anything goes wrong. Your provider makes sure your computers and servers and everything that supports them—the firewalls, software, applications—are up to date and functioning as they should. And, depending on which partner you choose, an IT managed services provider can help your organization reach its desired outcomes.  

Optimizing Apache Spark™ with Memory1™

White Paper: Inspur Group Co. Ltd

Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing. To handle increasing data rates and demanding user expectations, big data processing platforms like Apache Spark have emerged and quickly gained popularity. This whitepaper on “Optimizing Apache Spark with Memory1”demonstrates that by leveraging Memory1 to maximize the available memory, the servers can do more work (75% efficiency improvement in Spark performance), unleashing the full potential of real-time, big data processing. This Technology Whitepaper Covers: How Spark works? What are the issues that subvert the full potential of Apache Spark’s disaggregated approach? How to simulate the critical demands of a typical Spark operations workload? How to eliminate the hardware cost concerns traditionally faced in multi-server Spark deployments? What efficiency metrics are involved in the Spark operations? Key issues faced by Spark in traditional, DRAM-only deployments How to Avoid the high cost of DRAM-only implementations in Apache Spark architects

Maximization & Optimization: The Service Ecosystem Imperative

White Paper: ServicePower

Maximization and optimization techniques help field service organizations to solve fundamental service problems. They provide an imperative way of making business decisions, focused on achieving the highest outcome in a cost effective manner. Companies operating in the service ecosystem attempt to achieve this outcome by adhering to the principles of maximization and optimization. What is service ecosystem and what is its role in field service organization? The service ecosystem refers to the complex array of business functions and transactions involved in the delivery of field service to end-customers. Field service organizations include a service ecosystem which dispatches field technicians with the right parts and skills to deliver services in a timely manner. This whitepaper on service ecosystem gives a brief insight into: The service ecosystem imperative: Adhering to the principles of maximization and optimization to create and maintain thriving, profitable businesses Challenges regarding maximization & optimization Ways of achieving maximization and optimization objectives by companies The role of technology in achieving the imperative of maximization and optimization Service ecosystem KPIs related to optimization &  maximization How Optimized scheduling enables a field service organization (FSO) to optimize appointments by ensuring high level of compliance Download this whitepaper and learn more about solving field service problems faced by field service organizations and how ServicePower, an expert in providing Optimization Technology has come up with an innovative way of  mobilizing field service management to improve productivity and efficiency.

Warranty Management :Simplifying Warranty, Claims and Third Party Management

White Paper: ServicePower

"It’s Not Just All About Field Service Management; You Also Need to Build Warranty Management into the Mix" Field Service Management (FSM) is a big business – but, so is Warranty Management (WM) Warranty Management is not just solely a component of field service, but also is a standalone, or integrated activity for product and services organizations alike. Be it manufacturers, dealers, or third-party users, a robust warranty management system is necessary for critical aspects of the warranty management process, which entails monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration and claims processing. This whitepaper sees into queries like: What are the strategic actions currently taken by the leading warranty management organizations? How are warranty management organizations planning to meet the exceeding customer demands and expectations? What are the top uses of Collected Warranty Management data to improve processes and effect change? Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about warranty claims management features & benefits.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Hate Field Service

White Paper: ServicePower

A great customer service leads to overall increased productivity of the organization. The need for field service will never go away. Machines wear out they break. We all at some point contract with a provider for a home or business projects. When a product requires field service or maintenance, customers expect a well manufactured product in return.  Why does a company need field customer service? Satisfied customers are a company’s best brand advocates, proselytizing good customer service work to their entire social network. So, a company’s brand improvement depends on great customer service field. But when the service goes bad, the same advertisement of the field service experience can and does have ill effects on the company’s brand image, costs and future sales. In this whitepaper, ServicePower, an expert in providing field service management, has come up with top 5 reasons why customers hate field service. Download this whitepaper to know those Top 5 reasons and improve your organization's image by learning the loopholes in field customer service.

Finding Your Competitive Advantage In The Field Service Industry with Optimized Scheduling

White Paper: ServicePower

Optimized Scheduling is the Key to Competitive Advantage One of the major challenges in many businesses is not just to achieve a break free business flow, but also to move away from the 'break-fix' model and to one of continuous preventative, predictive maintenance. Field service industries have harnessed the optimized scheduling technology to promote a better work force environment and handle all the complex issues in providing support to customers and clients, while also controlling costs, improving efficiency and productivity, softening demand fluctuations and improving customer service levels. Why choose schedule optimization? Optimized Scheduling is the key to achieving competitive advantage in field service industry. Intelligent, configurable optimized scheduling software platforms provide the backbone to support evolution to new business models based on emerging technologies, and the challenges associated with them. Optimized scheduling provides field service businesses with high levels of business value through: Advanced, intelligent schedule optimization Highly automated schedule automation High levels of route optimization inclusive of real, street level data ​What are the challenges faced by field service organizations? ​What are the benefits offered by service scheduling? What are the key criteria that buyers of optimized scheduling software must consider? What is Service scheduling and how does it help business in adapting to the changing customer demands? Download this whitepaper to learn more about Service scheduling optimization technology and how it enables field service organizations to dynamically adjust the day’s schedule in real-time, reducing job durations, travel times and overall schedule costs.

Redefining Field Service With Quantum Annealing

White Paper: ServicePower

What is Quantum annealing and how can it revolutionize your field service organization? Implementing Quantum Annealing technology has enhanced the speed of field service businesses. It is critical to control costs, manage cyclical demand, ensure consistent delivery of services and improve customer satisfaction through an age old scheduling technology. Increased use of mobile workforce management software has increased the need for schedule optimization, as it is simple and less efficient for field service businesses. Field service business have been using age old schedule optimization techniques based on an artificial intelligence algorithm called Simulated Annealing, to optimize work schedule. ServicePower, a veteran Mobile Workforce Management provider, has come up with the new optimization algorithm called Quantum Annealing (QA). This white-paper looks into incorporation of new Quantum Annealing algorithms into the latest schedule optimization solutions to improve field service businesses. Why Quantum Annealing over Simulated Annealing? What are the different scheduling approaches implemented through Quantum annealing? What is intelligent scheduling? How does service scheduling use simulated annealing? What are the advantages of Quantum Annealing? Download this whitepaper to know more and understand the improvements of Quantum annealing over simulated annealing.

Meeting the Accounting Challenges of Globalisation

White Paper: Sapphire Systems

Globalisation is seen as a trend, although barriers abound in the field of accounting as it has been changing dramatically. Globalization of the business environment presents many challenges in accounting, with significant differences in auditing practices, as rules, regulations, taxation and governance frameworks vary from region to region. In such conditions, meeting the accounting challenges is becoming hard, thus the need arises to answer a few questions such as: What are the key things to look for when evaluating a global accounting system? What should you look for when selecting a global accounting solution? What are the key changes required in accounting and accounting methods? What is the role of International Accounting Standards? Does the consulting team or partner have a presence in all of the countries you operate in? This whitepaper looks at some of the challenges organizations face in their quest to embrace globalisation, and identifies a new approach which overcomes cost and complexity to facilitate consistent financial reporting across the world.

Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership for Managing B2B Operations

White Paper: OpenText

The first step in developing a strategy for optimizing your operations in B2B E-commerce is to determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) . The B2B environment is complex and a “true” TCO comparison must be considered to avoid mistakes and take right steps to lower TCO. So what cost, speed and agility factors must be considered to determine if your B2B E-commerce program should be developed in-house or outsourced? How can your business sort through the complexity in order to develop a strategy for creating a mature B2B E-commerce program that will yield benefits such as reduced costs, improved capabilities and increased customer satisfaction? What expenses must be carefully examined to provide the most accurate determination of TCO? This TCO whitepaper encompasses more than just the hardware, software and infrastructure costs .It shows how to identify the key roles, tasks, and cost components that should be considered in a comprehensive cost analysis of managing a B2B E-commerce program. This B2B E-commerce whitepaper covers: • Identifying the B2B roles and responsibilities • Calculating Total Cost of Ownership for Your B2B Operations • Implementation Planning Cost Considerations • IT Support and Infrastructure Planning for B2B Programs • TCO Saving Through B2B Managed Services • Maintaining and Growing a B2B Program • 25 Steps to successful B2B Program Management Cycle

2015 AP and Working Capital Report: Capturing Game-Changing Savings with Working Capital Tools

White Paper: Taulia

This AP and Working Capital report offers a guide for organizations actively exploring working capital solutions/Tools. Capturing early payment discounts is the top goal for any Accounts Payable (AP) department, as it ultimately grants organizations huge returns on cash. Learn how to use working capital tools/software to increase discount capture while also alleviating AP pains around invoice approval and payment. Inside this Accounts Payable and Working Capital report  : Working Capital in AP and DDM Working Capital in SCF And Electronic Payments Optimizing the Supply Chain With the Perfect Payment Index Choosing the Right Dynamic Discounting and working capital solution      

Making the Compliance Grade: A Quantitative Market View on Compliance Management

White Paper: VERSE Solutions

Compliance is strong in some areas and weak in others so companies looking to build on their compliance “grades” with automated tools should take these concepts in this report and consider the notion of timeliness, tracking, risk management and reporting as key elements for success.   More and more organizations are looking to automated solutions to help them gain greater visibility and control over their processes.Companies are demonstrating some level of automation in their operations; the level and scope will vary depending on the maturity of their automated compliance ecosystem. With that in mind, VERSE gauged the common challenges in compliance management around Quality and Safety and compiled the results in this compliance grader white paper. This paper will cover the structure of the compliance grader and the results of compliance management in: • Document Control and Employee Training • Risk Management and Corrective Action • Audit Management, Reporting and more

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