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AP and Working Capital Report :Savings with Working Capital Tools

"AP and Working Capital Report :Savings with Working Capital Tools"

2015 AP and Working Capital Report: Capturing Game-Changing Savings with Working Capital Tools

2015 AP and Working Capital Report: Capturing Game-Changing Savings with Working Capital Tools

White Paper: Taulia

This AP and Working Capital report offers a guide for organizations actively exploring working capital solutions/Tools.

Capturing early payment discounts is the top goal for any Accounts Payable (AP) department, as it ultimately grants organizations huge returns on cash.

Learn how to use working capital tools/software to increase discount capture while also alleviating AP pains around invoice approval and payment.

Inside this Accounts Payable and Working Capital report  :

  • Working Capital in AP and DDM

  • Working Capital in SCF And Electronic Payments

  • Optimizing the Supply Chain With the Perfect Payment Index

  • Choosing the Right Dynamic Discounting and working capital solution




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