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Capital Market

Guide: 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

White Paper: Velosio

7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs The days when the chief financial officer was primarily responsible for internal controls and compliance are long gone. While financial discipline remains critical, today’s CFOs have far more responsibility than their predecessors did, playing key roles in developing strategy, fostering innovation and driving growth. Skills to Lead Your Business Forward Read this business guide to learn more about the habits that effective CFOs use to meet the high expectations and demands of their ever-expanding role. Learn how these habits can be applied to the modern CFO: How to be proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first things first Seek to understand, then to be understood And many more!  

3D Fashion Myths: Facts vs. Fiction

White Paper: OHZONE

So many businesses are missing out on the incredible power and versatility of 3D tech. Why? Myths are prevalent in the fashion industry– and 3D is no exception. The truth is the right tech can help you transform your e-commerce presence while increasing sales, reducing returns and entertaining. It can also help you deliver immersive and unforgettable fashion shows in your virtual showrooms and, most significantly, help you reduce your environmental impact while optimizing operations and reducing costs. In fact, the best 3D tech could have helped countless retailers and brands continue with business as usual in those critical early days of the pandemic. The truth awaits. Don’t let these common myths stop you from harnessing the power of 3D tech... E-Commerce Myth: All 3D is the same. Fact: When you explore the world of 3D tech, you’ll realize there’s a lot of variation on offer. 3DReal™  by The OHZONE is very different from 3D CAD, 360 photography and spin photography. There are very important differences among all four in terms of quality, capabilities, use cases, pricing, onboarding requirements and more. Myth: 3D is nice to have if you can afford the extra bells and whistles, but it’s just another trend. Fact: Your brand, marketing and digital presence (including social media), can bring customers to your website. However, 3D product imagery can encourage purchases, increase average order value (AOV) and reduce returns thanks to their high quality, detailed, accurate representations of your products in the digital realm. Myth: You need extra hardware to get interactive. Fact: You don’t need VR headsets or other fancy hardware and gadgets for an interactive e-commerce experience. All you need is the right partner– The OHZONE can provide you with draping so realistic you can almost “feel” the fabric’s texture and movement in motion. Virtual Showrooms: Fashion Shows Myth: Your fashion show won’t be effective or regarded as credible if it isn’t expensive or doesn’t take place offline. Fact: Virtual fashion shows are just as effective and credible – and they don’t need to cost a fortune. Save money and go easier on the environment with exciting 3D fashion presentations for consumers, wholesale buyers and the press. Myth: Virtual fashion shows must be pre-rendered or pre-recorded video. Fact: You can host an extra fabulous fashion show in real-time virtually, just as you would offline! The difference is you’ll have a lot more opportunities to immerse every single viewer into a fully-encompassing, branded experience with extras that wouldn’t translate well offline. With virtual fashion shows, every viewer enjoys the front row experience. Sustainability Myth: It takes a lot of work and massive investment to become a sustainable brand. Fact: With 3D tech, you can be more sustainable as soon as today– whether through sharing virtual samples or walking buyers through your new collection online. Interested in joining the circular economy? 3DReal™ by The OHZONE can get you there. You can leverage high quality, immersive and interactive 3D graphics to sell luxury resale fashion, upcycled clothing or luxury fashion rental subscriptions. You’ll be able to better engage shoppers with better visuals, more detailed views, and soon– virtual try-on too. The future of circular is noteworthy! According to the Circular Fashion Report, the circular fashion economy may be worth up to $5 trillion. Myth: 3D tech can only be applied to planning, designing and product development. Fact: You can reduce the environmental impact of your samples with high-resolution 3D tech. For instance, 3DReal™ allows brands to automatically produce virtual samples in as many colors and patterns they may need. These brands produce far fewer physical samples, drastically reducing their carbon footprints by producing less excess material waste and reducing shipments, energy use and more. Are you ready to bring your designs to life as captivating 3DREAL™ garments? Request a demo with The OHZONE, Inc. today.  

Effective Subcontractor Management for Field Service Delivery

White Paper: Jolt Consulting Group

Field Service organizations are encouraged to invest in their subcontractor network with a goal of making it a competitive differentiator that yields service excellence. Embracing and embedding the third party contractor to make them feel like a valued partner and contributor to the overall customer experience is a key and area service organizations should focus. This whitepaper focuses on building a good third party subcontractor by leveraging field service software. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Reasons for companies to consider the leveraging of third party contractors Key challenges service organizations face with utilizing third party subcontractors How to gain real-time visibility into the performance and activities of the third-party technician Best-in-Class service organizations receive the necessary visibility into the subcontractor network by extending field service software and mobility tools to the third party providers.

9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal

White Paper: Mind Matrix

A partner portal provides your channel partners with easy access to critical elements that will help them close deals faster. It plays a key role in helping you maintain your partner relationships better. Each channel partner is unique; so are their requirements. So, how can you bring them all on the same page as you? This whitepaper discusses the 9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal that can help your channel partners succeed. It also addresses questions like: What do your channel partners really want in a partner portal? What are the things to consider when investing in a partner portal? How can you make the most of your investment in a partner portal? What are the key requirements of a perfect partner portal to improve partner adoption and usage?

Providing a total workers comp solution

White Paper: Zywave

As a broker in a shifting P&C market, it is important to focus on providing a complete solution in the workers’ compensation arena to help clients improve their business and lower costs, and not only on coverage and obtaining the best price for your client. The traditional “bid and quote” mentality should be thrown out the window; the most successful brokers are adopting the role of trusted advisor to their clients, providing not only coverage, but resources to help curb incidents, manage losses and eventually reduce the client’s mod and therefore, their premium. This whitepaper highlights on providing worker’s compensation solution in a shifting P&C market. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on work comp solutions : Bid and quote? Not anymore. Four elements of a mod analysis The impact of losses Client education and safety program implementation

Intelligent Use of Technology: The Key to Successful Business Transformation

White Paper: Advaiya

As the importance of technology driven business transformation is increasing in the present scenario, emphasis on certain enterprise and consumer-based opportunities and challenges are emerging. To take advantage of the game-changing business transformation strategies & opportunities enabled by current technology business mega-trends, businesses are looking to equip themselves with the latest tech advancements. This whitepaper describes the attributes required in every business to stay relevant in the technology market within the next 5-10 years include the ability to spot new opportunities, demonstrate transparency, and innovate in an agile way. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “Business Transformation” to enable your business to run, grow and transform: Taking a deliberate approach for changing technology business landscape Top industries projected to be transformed by emerging technology business Technologies that make the biggest impact in the business transformation process

Situator for Electric Utilities and NERC-CIP Compliance

White Paper: Qognify

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-government organization which has statutory responsibility to regulate bulk power system users, owners, and operators through the adoption and enforcement of standards for fair, ethical and efficient practices. Achieving NERC CIP compliance and maintaining it, can be a daunting task for many organization. With the consequences for non-compliance both costly and risk increasing, the electric utilities industry faces significant challenges in ensuring and sustaining effective, efficient NERC CIP compliance. This white paper on “Situator for Electric utilities and NERC CIP Compliance” sees the aspects of the electric utilities industry’s operating environment and how you can comprehensively address the challenges of implementing NERC CIP standards around physical security and sustaining compliance. How to meet NERC CIP Personnel and Training requirements? How electric utilities are seeking ways to address challenges such as achieving and sustaining NERC CIP compliance? How to ensure compliance with NERC CIP regulations? How to get a complete view of the NERC CIP compliance status within the organization? Compliance and reporting can become a seamless event for the electric utilities industry with Situator !

Mobility Management and Cost Reduction with MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service)

White Paper: Intratem

In Mobility Management, Mobility-as-a-Service means total control over devices and user patterns while reducing costs by adopting standards and procedures for effectively managing your wireless service and expenses. Mobility-as-a-Service goes beyond software tools to help you organize your workforce. Mobility management along with Mobility-as-a-Service simplifies mobility rollouts and supports ongoing management . To uncover the most savings on an ongoing basis, it is important to partner with an experienced mobility management provider that offers a full range of proven services, including Enterprise Mobility Management. This white paper on “Mobility Management and Cost Reduction with MaaS,” addresses the following key questions: What are the most important services your Mobility-as-a-Service provider must offer? How can you securely manage smart phones and tablets with a complete enterprise mobility management platform? What kind of benefits Mobility-as-a-Service provides to the users, businesses and the public sector? How Mobility-as-a-Service progress can be achieved, using the various steps identified by mobility management? What are the things to consider when selecting an Effective MasS Partner?

Next Generation Digital Control for District Heat Networks

White Paper: PassivSystems

Creating a Smart District Heat Network is far from simple, and requires input not only from heating experts, but also from IT specialists and financial consultants. Between integrating renewable energy resources into existing systems to using information and communication technology, district heat operations are set for change.  In this informative paper, innovative technologies and advanced system concepts in district heating are described for heat distribution and end user utilization. It aims to provide background materials and cutting edge knowledge for designers and decision makers in the building and district energy sector. What are the requirements of a smart heating control system for district heat networks? What is the role of district heating in future renewable energy saving? What are the benefits of having a smart District Heat network? What is the average cost of heat for the range of district heating options and stand-alone renewable heat technologies with electric and gas heating? How return on investment in a district heat network can be improved? Read this whitepaper that highlights a next generation heat network modeling and optimization platform that improves performance, delivers annual OPEX savings, and empowers customers.

Managing Third Party Contractors in Network Management :Seven Deadly Sins

White Paper: ServicePower

Network Management: How can you manage the third party contractors? Deploying third party contractors into labor equation can benefit business analyst organizations to a maximum level. Third party contractor management facilitates reduce costs, gain higher margins, have shorter cycle times and provide high levels of customer service, without any high costs. Managing third party contractors is associated with recruiting, training and managing more employees, in cyclical businesses where demand varies. This whitepaper on third party contractor management gives you insights on: What are the technologies required when managing the third party independent contractors? How does the lack of end-to-end business management lead to higher costs and inefficiency in third party network management? What are the 7 mistakes you could possibly make when managing third party contractors? Don’t fall victim to one of these deadly sins while your third party network management.

Supply Chain Finance:Invoice Financing,Factoring And Discounting

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

The supply chain finance is ready to be addressed, whether you see today’s trade credit situation as a business ethics issue or a technology readiness issue. Getting the “buy chain” flowing is essential to maximizing potential growth. In this white paper on “The ‘buy chain’ – the next place for world-class focus,” learn more about the supply chain finance and real benefits in implementing buyer driven financing. It talks about: Different options available for supply chain finance Invoice discounting using the strength of the Accounts Receivable ledger to finance the loan Invoice factoring by selling the invoice to the bank at a discount. Implementing buyer driven invoice financing Approved payables supply chain financing or Reverse factoring Explore the different options for financing and de-risking the supply chain finance and gain valuable insight into the possible benefits that could be achieved with the right technology and processes in place.

Managing The Needs Of Printer Services

White Paper: Nubeprint

Managing the needs of printer services or copiers remotely, implies managing a high diversity of supplies that are influenced by multiple aspects of monitoring, when the goal is to control and reduce the cost of printing and improving the carbon footprint. Nubeprint, a pioneer in managing print services( MPS) industry, opened the door to control and reduce the waste supplies and also came up with a new approach to manage printing services through remote devices. Reasons why businesses need Managed Print Service: Implementing managed print services in business infrastructures adds value by incorporating the business intelligence in managing the cost and boosts the flow of information. Controlling the costs that the MPS provider incurs from the moment a cost per page agreement is signed. Does the data transmitted ensure security? Cloud Printing Suite, is a software for concept MPS compliance, composed by the Cloud Printing Monitor (CPM) that connects through Cloud Printing Server (CPS) that handles the network of agents and transforms the received data into information and services on high security level aspects. This whitepaper imparts insights about implementing a Managed Print Services Program through Cloud Printing Server Security aspects and how CPM provides security in data transmission and types of security in data transmission.

Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Applications

White Paper: AINS

This case management whitepaper helps you in the examination of the role of Case Management platforms for application development. As the traditional packaged software fails too often to address the unique requirements of knowledge work, which is complex in nature and subject to frequent changes in definition, the organizations have started leveraging a case management platform for agile applications. Download this whitepaper which addresses the case-centric processes better than integration-centric BPM technologies that have been retrofitted via Case Management Frameworks (CMFs). It highlights the following points: Benefits of adopting Case Management Platform leverage Case Management Platform to support mission critical applications Comparison between BPM and Case Management Automate mandatory and discretionary tasks with adaptive case management.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

White Paper: Apperian

Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. Best-of-breed Mobile Application Management provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to every user in the extended enterprise because it is device management agnostic and manages the complete mobile app lifecycle. The remainder of this whitepaper is intended to help you map out the range of capabilities possible with best-of-breed Mobile Application Management (MAM) and the value they can deliver to your enterprise mobility initiatives. It addresses: What are the requirements for Best-of-Breed Mobile Application Management? What is the need for Mobile Application Management? What are the limitations of Legacy Mobile Management? What are the specific Mobile Application Management capabilities and your requirements? 

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