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"3D Fashion Myths: Facts vs. Fiction"

3D Fashion Myths: Facts vs. Fiction

3D Fashion Myths: Facts vs. Fiction

White Paper: OHZONE

So many businesses are missing out on the incredible power and versatility of 3D tech. Why? Myths are prevalent in the fashion industry– and 3D is no exception. The truth is the right tech can help you transform your e-commerce presence while increasing sales, reducing returns and entertaining. It can also help you deliver immersive and unforgettable fashion shows in your virtual showrooms and, most significantly, help you reduce your environmental impact while optimizing operations and reducing costs. In fact, the best 3D tech could have helped countless retailers and brands continue with business as usual in those critical early days of the pandemic.

The truth awaits. Don’t let these common myths stop you from harnessing the power of 3D tech...


Myth: All 3D is the same.

Fact: When you explore the world of 3D tech, you’ll realize there’s a lot of variation on offer. 3DReal™  by The OHZONE is very different from 3D CAD, 360 photography and spin photography. There are very important differences among all four in terms of quality, capabilities, use cases, pricing, onboarding requirements and more.

Myth: 3D is nice to have if you can afford the extra bells and whistles, but it’s just another trend.

Fact: Your brand, marketing and digital presence (including social media), can bring customers to your website. However, 3D product imagery can encourage purchases, increase average order value (AOV) and reduce returns thanks to their high quality, detailed, accurate representations of your products in the digital realm.

Myth: You need extra hardware to get interactive.

Fact: You don’t need VR headsets or other fancy hardware and gadgets for an interactive e-commerce experience. All you need is the right partner– The OHZONE can provide you with draping so realistic you can almost “feel” the fabric’s texture and movement in motion.

Virtual Showrooms: Fashion Shows

Myth: Your fashion show won’t be effective or regarded as credible if it isn’t expensive or doesn’t take place offline.

Fact: Virtual fashion shows are just as effective and credible – and they don’t need to cost a fortune. Save money and go easier on the environment with exciting 3D fashion presentations for consumers, wholesale buyers and the press.

Myth: Virtual fashion shows must be pre-rendered or pre-recorded video.

Fact: You can host an extra fabulous fashion show in real-time virtually, just as you would offline! The difference is you’ll have a lot more opportunities to immerse every single viewer into a fully-encompassing, branded experience with extras that wouldn’t translate well offline. With virtual fashion shows, every viewer enjoys the front row experience.


Myth: It takes a lot of work and massive investment to become a sustainable brand.

Fact: With 3D tech, you can be more sustainable as soon as today– whether through sharing virtual samples or walking buyers through your new collection online. Interested in joining the circular economy? 3DReal™ by The OHZONE can get you there. You can leverage high quality, immersive and interactive 3D graphics to sell luxury resale fashion, upcycled clothing or luxury fashion rental subscriptions. You’ll be able to better engage shoppers with better visuals, more detailed views, and soon– virtual try-on too. The future of circular is noteworthy! According to the Circular Fashion Report, the circular fashion economy may be worth up to $5 trillion.

Myth: 3D tech can only be applied to planning, designing and product development.

Fact: You can reduce the environmental impact of your samples with high-resolution 3D tech. For instance, 3DReal™ allows brands to automatically produce virtual samples in as many colors and patterns they may need. These brands produce far fewer physical samples, drastically reducing their carbon footprints by producing less excess material waste and reducing shipments, energy use and more.

Are you ready to bring your designs to life as captivating 3DREAL™ garments? Request a demo with The OHZONE, Inc. today.


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