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How to Get Started with Inbound Sales

White Paper: Kuno Creative

Inbound sales process is a consultative selling method that focuses on helping buyers to make a purchasing decision in order to build a non-intrusive relationship. Inbound sales is about sincerely guiding prospects to the right solution for their needs or problems and furthermore, helping them feel comfortable with their decision. Who is an inbound sales representative? How can a sales representative bring more revenue to an organization? This whitepaper focuses on the key issues like: Practicing the inbound strategy that properly targets campaigns to generate high-quality, sales qualified leads. Since outbound sales process is becoming obsolete, more focus needs to be on inbound strategy. inbound focuses on monitoring the wants of the buyer and provides the right content to support a sale. This ''Inbound sales'' whitepaper covers: Developing Inbound Sales Process Building the Inbound Sales Team that sustains the sales growth Using Technology to Build and Pipeline Sales Process What information do buyers look at while making a purchasing decision? What are the best inbound marketing tactics that focuses on generating more qualified sales leads and customers? Download this whitepaper to learn more about building a good inbound sales team with right technology and right process that results in generating qualified leads and increased revenue of organization.

Paid Media Content Distribution: Inbound Marketer's Guide in 2016

White Paper: Kuno Creative

Paid Content Distribution- The Inbound Marketers’ Way Paid content distribution is a bridge above the swelling sea of content that connects brands with target audiences to help the right information find the right people. But the real challenge is to create highly engaging, personalized content that delivers value to its intended audience. This whitepaper guides you on how to connect with people through different paid media distribution channels including social media. It also covers topics such as: How can inbound marketers build a Perfect Content Distribution Strategy for paid media? Why inbound marketers need to consider paid content distribution? How to cost effectively distribute your content across social media channels? How to target the right audience for paid content distribution by finding the right information about them? Which paid content distribution channels can have a major impact on your search rankings? How to set the overall paid content distribution campaign budget to manage daily spend? Start delivering content to the right buyers at the right time and meet specific marketing goals.

Inbound Marketing: Buy in,Budgets & Best Practices

White Paper: Kuno Creative

Buy-in, Budgets and Best practices needed for successful inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is not a single channel or a tactic, but a philosophy that drives your entire marketing strategy. Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than having the marketers go out to get the attention of the audience. This White Paper will help you understand: Allocating marketing budgets for paid advertising through search engines or different social sites. Assign a daily budget or a total budget to a campaign and run the sponsored content for any time period, giving you a lot of flexibility. Setting the right budget, followed reporting and execution of best practices ​______________________________________________________________ This whitepaper provides a brief analysis of inbound marketing and its benefits including the below topics: Why choose Inbound Marketing? How is inbound marketing different from traditional marketing? How does inbound marketing help in launching new product? Setting an inbound marketing budget: budgeting for content creation &promoting content through paid channels Paid channels to consider: Facebook, Google adwords, LinkedIn ads and sponsored content Building an inbound marketing team Best inbound marketing practices in action Download this whitepaper to learn more about buy-in, budget and best practices in inbound marketing.

Customer Engagement Workflow for Enterprises Through Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

White Paper: BP Logix

Customer engagement workflow through social media, mobile and cloud capabilities have become the most important need for today’s enterprises as social tools and cloud-based availability are among the best ways that companies can deliver value and leverage existing technology investment for successful customer engagement. With enhanced mobile support, social media integration, new cloud capabilities, and multimedia annotation businesses make their internal processes more efficient while also increasing communication with customers who are engaged in their business processes. Customers today demand both round-the-clock access to company representatives and swift resolution to their problems. Engaging your customer efficiently, will help you gain exposure, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately improve retention rates. Download this white paper now to learn how you can change the way your organization operates, enabling it to be more efficient, agile and effective with proper customer engagement workflow. This whitepaper provides deep insight on three elements, which enterprises need to provide in order to practice what we call, “customer engagement workflow” : Engage the customer by proper communication and acknowledgement. Embrace the customer by participating him directly in your business processes. Extend the cloud by integrating popular cloud services to your workplace.

How to Generate More Leads and Build Brand Recognition

White Paper: Blue Fountain Media

Generating more leads and building greater brand recognition can't be achieved without implementing the right digital marketing strategies. The best way to generate leads online is by implementing the right digital marketing strategies. But there are numerous different tactics and tools in digital marketing including social media and Email Marketing which companies are using for generating more business leads online. So how would you figure out which one fits best for your organization’s need? It is crucial to understand the role that each tool plays and how it fits into your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Best link building startegies you can put to work to build your business . Social Media Marketing Digital Media Marketing, etc Email Marketing YouTube Marketing Content Marketing Advertising How often do you track the users' behavior on the website and their location? Read this white paper talks about the marketing strategies which are helpful for generating leads and build brand awareness for your business.

The Engaged Digital Workplace:Empowering Productivity and Social Collaboration in the Connected Enterprise

White Paper: x2o Media, A Barco Company

With digital workplace, it has become easy for enterprises to leverage a variety of technologies to increase productivity in their organization. If you need to communicate with stakeholders for better employee engagement, higher level of collaboration, and faster decision making process, you must have to leverage the new visual business aspects. So would you like to leverage visual content which connects people, ideas and aspirations? This whitepaper on '' digital workplace'' covers the following points: The Power of Visual Communications Hub and Spoke Approach A New Type of Information Delivery The Power of Connection It also addresses the following questions: Why you need a digital workplace strategy? What is the “Digital Workplace”? How does the digital workplace improve employee engagement? What are the changes we’re seeing in the workplace today?

Five Steps to Email Compliance

White Paper: Cirius Messaging Inc

Having an effective email compliance policy is necessary for every organization to demonstrate and ensure that the business is operating in a compliant manner and to minimize ongoing legal risk. Are you sure if your daily corporate email communication is covered by email compliance laws and regulations?? A solid Email compliance policy can help organizations get rid of common phishing, malware attacks, and leaky emails to secure intellectual property, prevent harassment and protect the corporate brand. This white paper outlines five straightforward steps that organizations can follow to develop an effective email compliance policy to help address technical security safeguard standards. It will help you: 1. To determine what applies to you and what to do: Major regulations affecting organizations’ email policy 2. To identify what needs protecting and set protocols 3. To track data leaks and losses 4. To identify the solution you need 5. To educate your users

Omni Channel Merchandising Creates New Opportunities

White Paper: mi9

Omni-channel merchandising opportunities in retailing makes it possible for retailers to blend the art of experience, taste, and judgment with optimization science and advanced analytics. By combining the Omni-channel retail trends and strategies, retailers can intelligently determine the most desirable and profitable products, prices, promotions, and markdowns.  Read this whitepaper to learn why omnichannel merchandising has become must-have thing for today’s retailer. It focuses on: •    What are the biggest challenges that retailers are facing when moving towards an omnichannel merchandising model?  •    What tools will be the most useful in meeting those challenges in an omnichannel retailing environment? •    What are some of the ‘basics’, retailers need to have in place as they move toward an omnichannel merchandising strategy?? •    What are the mileposts on the road to creating and executing a successful omnichannel merchandising strategy? Read this whitepaper to discover how retailers can tap new sources of demand data in tailoring their assortments to more sharply defined customer segments, improving turnover, sell-through, and profitability in an omnichannel retailing environment.  

What is SaaS? And Why Do I Care?

White Paper: CrownPeak

The goal of this descriptive whitepaper is to clarify what SaaS is and help the reader understand why not everything that is called SaaS meets the requirements of a true “Software as a Service” model. It also addresses key questions like: What is the relationship between SaaS and cloud computing? What are the core principles which makeup the fundamental building blocks of a SaaS application? What are the four layers of security which is used to safeguard customer data in a SaaS environment? What are the business benefits of Web Content Management when combined with the Software as a Service application? Is SaaS Web Content Management right for your business? Read this whitepaper on “What is SaaS And Why Do I Care?” that helps digital marketers and technology managers understand the true definition of SaaS, and eliminate preconceived objections about the benefits of a SaaS-based delivery model. 

Three Reasons to Take Another Look at Your Social Media Strategy

White Paper: Sitecore

A strong Social media strategy benefits brands by sharpening the focus and consolidating efforts for maximum results. The social media strategy serves as a roadmap and is planned after reviewing the relevant channels and targeted consumer’s online behavior. But do you have a cohesive social media strategy across all your marketing efforts that let you optimize your return on marketing investment? This informative whitepaper presents social media "at a glance" while providing 3 key questions to help identify common gaps in any social media strategy plan. It focuses on: What are the ways in which your business can benefit from a social media marketing strategy? Do social media marketing strategy lends itself towards reaching a current or prospective customer? Does social media strategy plan evaluate the results of each tactic and give a clear view of progress? How to plan and develop a perfect social media strategy that works like charm for your organization? Download this whitepaper on “Three reasons to take another look at your social media strategy,” and apply the tips you need to turn those gaps into opportunities and improve the success of your social media campaigns.  

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: 2013 Holiday Battle of the Brands

White Paper: SDL

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: The indisputable 2013 holiday retail battle of the brands Taking a break from the regular programming to answer a question that's been peppering everywhere with increasing frequency: Torn between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? Which one should you go for? This informative whitepaper outlines the past best practices and quantifies the impact of PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One activities. Learn the answers to these critical questions: What have been the strategies and tactics that have defined these early moments in this battle of- PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One? Who has laid the best foundation? Who will win between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and what can be learned from their game play? Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which is the best games console? What are the additional features of Xbox One over PlayStation 4? Here's the blow-by-blow of how the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compare with one another. Download this whitepaper on “2013 Holiday Battle of the Brands- Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4” to learn more.

Turning Piratez into Consumers

White Paper: Visual Unity

Want to stop content piracy? Multi-screen is at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda for delivering digital video. Many in the entertainment industry are quick to blame piracy for any revenue decline in their business. But why not blame the Internet itself? This whitepaper explores how piracy has evolved over the past decades, issues surrounding copyright infringement in the entertainment industry, and the steps necessary to convert Piratez into consumers in this digital age. It addresses questions like: What are the origins of digital piracy and what are the methods that have been developed to halt its progress? What is the role of social media in piracy and the entertainment industry? What are the issues surrounding piracy and content protection, in the form of a gap analysis about what consumers want from their entertainment? Read this whitepaper to learn about the new trends in multi-screen and the privacy related challenges that solution providers are facing today in assisting curators of content to address their content aggregators and distributors’ needs and changing market demands.

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