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CRM System

Customer Intelligence is the New Black: Deriving Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions to Reduce Cost-to-Serve and Customer Effort

White Paper: FirstSource

Whether it’s a B-to-B or a B-to-C model, the consistent delivery of high-quality customer care is a difficult goal to achieve. This is especially relevant in our device-driven world, an “always on” hyper-connected environment laced with multiple customer touch points

The Customer Journey Management Methodology - A 3-Step Approach to Ensure A Successful Result

White Paper: QMATIC

Customer Journey Management is defined as managing the customer’s experience from initial contact to final service delivery. Customer journey mapping methodology is used to understand the flow of experiences a customer has with an organization in order to be able to deliver the best possible solution for every unique situation. This descriptive whitepaper is devoted to describe the underlying working methodology of Customer Journey Management and how it can be used to deliver remarkable customer experience. This whitepaper on Customer Journey is a step-by-step guide that looks into ‘’ 3-step Approach to the Customer Journey Management Methodology’’ .It covers: Map the current and define the target Customer Journey Management Process Develop processes to gain insights from continuous data analysis and process re-evaluation while managing the customer journeys Design and implement a solution to achieve the targeted Customer Journey Management process Download this whitepaper that will help you gain the business benefits of Customer Journey Management.

Social Maturity Index (SMI)

White Paper: Conversocial

Every business needs to develop a customer centric strategy. It's how you identify and engage with new customers, and it's your front line for real-time customer service with new generations of users. With businesses still figuring out exactly how to measure social effectiveness and providing the best customer experience, an evaluation method called Social Maturity index (SMI) was created, for brands to map out their accurate position on the maturity scale. What is Social Maturity, and why do we need an index? How can you determine your brand’s social maturity? What are the indicators of robust innovation to extraordinary Social Media experiences? What actually defines a Socially Mature Brand? How do social media contribute to the customer experience? Download this informative whitepaper to learn how to enhance customer experience with social media and how SMI acts as a roadmap, an outline for the socially maturing brand.

How an Online PDF Editor Transformed Legal Document Transactions Between Courts and Police

White Paper: PDFfiller

Going paperless is a great way to remove clutter from your business, by turning paper document in to digital copies using PDF editor. What do you do when fast document turnaround is not just a convenience but an absolute necessity for your job? PDFfiller, a comprehensive online document editor and workflow solution, not only streamlines the after-hours process for filling, sending and signing warrant forms, but also provides a model for document management that could be extended to other court documents or even potentially to other government agencies interested in converting to cloud-based document management. Download this free whitepaper on going paperless with the help of PDF Editor and findout how: You can use this system to make your business completely paperless. It makes filling warrants and finding legal documents flexible and convenient. It helps in cost-saving by not maintaining fax accounts, equipments and phone lines, overtime.

Choosing a Implementation Partner in Emerging Markets

White Paper: ABSYZ Software Consulting

Choosing the right partner for salesforce implementation can be a daunting task in emerging markets. Building a successful Salesforce implementation plan enables you to customize the platform to suit your organization’s changing business needs. This whitepaper illustrates a few best practices to be considered in simplifying the process and ensure that you select the best partner. It also focuses on: What are the ways of facilitating CRM adoption in Emerging Markets? What are the several challenges grappling the Emerging Market players in the choice as well as leveraging of their IT investment? Whether you are thinking about implementing a Salesforce solution or expanding upon the Salesforce solution you already have, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a reliable and trustworthy salesforce implementation partner. A few of the questions to be given a thought are: Do they have a track record of building custom applications to meet the unique requirements of different types of businesses and business situations? Do they have extensive experience implementing a Salesforce solution with companies in your industry? How knowledgeable is the specific type of cloud you need, which is being built and deployed?(Sales, Service, Marketing, etc.) When you’ve decided that Salesforce is the right CRM for your organization, the next step is to find the best consulting partner who has the potential to address your business needs with an impeccable, unwavering, rock solid and best-in-class solution.   

Transforming Sales:CRM's Critical Contribution

White Paper: Highland Technology Services

Sales Transformation enables company executives to improve sales performance by aligning the resources that relates to sales, management, marketing and customer service, or improving sales talent and sales operations. This informative white paper on Transforming Sales: CRM's Critical Contribution discusses the guiding principles for sales transformations and the impact of CRM on the sales organization. What are the key decision factors for choosing the right partner for your sales transformation initiative? What are the important elements of a sales transformation that the sales teams must get right? What are the components that ensure the sales transformation initiative is relevant?  Thinking ahead, what is your company’s change management strategy to achieve the required sales transformation? Download this informative whitepaper to read more .

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