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Big Data analytics

Optimize Wafer Quality and Yield with Real-time Data During CMP

White Paper: VAISALA

Understand and utilize real-time data in CMP process optimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yeild Accurate and fast RI and RH measurements for optimized CMP tool performance   Did you know that the refractive index or RI measurement with an inline process refractometer is a safe, cost-effective, real-time, low-maintenance process monitoring method to accurately determine wet chemical concentrations?  Vaisala’s inline process refractometers meet industry standards and can be conveniently integrated into slurry blenders and CMP tools.  Relative humidity or RH measurements in slurry blending are critical to avoid slurry evaporation and eventual agglomeration. Recommended products are the Indigo520 with HMP7 and TMP1 for both temperature and relative humidity measurements directly in the CMP tool.  In this eBook, we discuss:  RI in process optimization  RH as a critical measurement  Installation position benefits Optimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yield Optimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yieldOptimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yield Optimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yield

How Innovators Outperform Competitors in Banking

White Paper: MOSTLY.AI

How innovators outperform competitors in banking The winning strategy in banking is to accelerate digital transformation. Synthetic data plays a vital role in this process. Synthetic data enables the development of customer-centric products, mitigates data leak risks, and improves the performance of AI and machine learning models. This ebook includes the best practices you need to maximize your synthetic data opportunities such as: democratization of data access streamlining privacy compliance minimizing data retention developing customer-centric products and many more.  

The Search For the Right Path

White Paper: Intetics

While navigating the cluttered spaces of growing cities is becoming ever more complicated, web and mobile journey planners promise to help stranded urban travellers find better, optimal transportation. Yet, the growing array of different systems are far from perfect and while many contain valuable components, others are missing elements that would make them invaluable to travelers. In this article originally published in April 2014 issue of Geoconnexion magazine, Intetics GIS analysts investigate 35 journey planning systems from around the world to identify which features make the best journey planners.

Big Data is Here: What can you actually do with it

White Paper: Intetics

Big data is everywhere, but how are companies actually using it? Whether you want it to or not, the tech world is transitioning into a data-driven age. With these changes new technologies are taking hold, and companies are finding new and exciting ways to implement ideas and bring innovation to their businesses. This presentation brings forth the most transformative and pressing ideas for managing big data. It explores how technology transforms business and how data is helping drive the change. The focus is on real-life examples of how companies are implementing location-based services, Internet of Things, and omni-channel systems technologies and what benefits these technologies are bringing.

Salespeople Can't Live Without Insight: How Empowered Distributors Sell More Effectively

White Paper: Earnest & Associates

Customer Stratification provides the insights needed for top-performing salespeople to be more successful by building more productive, cohesive and profitable sales organizations. By focusing sales time and attention in a more knowledgeable manner, Customer Stratification will drive more sustainable and profitable growth.The challenge is to gain insight from the data on hand and apply it to the art of selling. This whitepaper shares three ways that distributors can leverage the insights gained from Customer Stratification to sell more effectively. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Insight Empowers Salespeople to Sell More in their Assigned Sales Territories Insight Empowers Salespeople to Make More Money Insight Empowers Salespeople to Contribute More to Your Success

Big Data Technology White Paper

White Paper: PaperClip Inc.

Everybody talks about big data with many uses starting with predictive analytics of this big data. Today’s challenge is the way in which we approach data standardization and how to manage data and  engage Crowd Sourcing for Big Data processing. It is very important to find a way to standardize the data, one integration point to exchange with trading partners and open up collaborations with different industries to begin building a true Big Data platform.   Leveraging the best use of technology interacting with people can provide an economical service of data capture, data warehousing and predictive analytics. This whitepaper provides insights on the ways to transcribe, translate and interpretation of Big Data faster and more accurate than ever.  What’s Inside this Big data Whitepaper? Shredded Data Technology Complete Application Data Capture enabling Big Data processing  Timely, Accurate and Secure Data  Standards Based Data Dictionary Clippers Processing Forms Combination of Crowd Sourcing and Imaging Technology

Enhanced Lambda Architecture in AWS using Apache Spark

White Paper: DataFactZ Solutions

Lambda architecture can handle massive quantities of data by providing a single framework. Through Amazon Web Services, we can quickly implement the Lambda Architecture, reduce maintenance overhead and reduce costs. Lambda Architecture also helps in reducing any delay between data collection and availability in dashboards using Apache Spark. This whitepaper discusses about the benefits of enhanced Lambda Architecture in AWS using Apache Spark. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Traditional Lambda Architecture Three Processing Layers of Lambda Architecture Components of Lambda Architecture on Amazon Web Services

Data Visualization: Creating Impactful Reports

White Paper: DataFactZ Solutions

Data visualization is an effective way to create impactful reports, dashboards that improve decision making, enhanced ad-hoc data analysis, better information sharing, increased ROI, time saving and reduced burden on IT. Data visualization is an essential component in the era of big data, enabling users to see trends and patterns that provide actionable intelligence. This white paper talks about data visualization techniques that enable the user to make faster decisions and a better technological investment. Inside this Visualization White Paper: Interactive visualization: Clear and effective in communicating the content List of DOs and DON’Ts in data visualization Guide to choose the right chart type for successful data visualization

Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark

White Paper: DataFactZ Solutions

Apache Spark is the next-generation distributed framework that can be integrated with an existing Hadoop environment or run as a standalone tool for Big Data processing. Hadoop, in particular, has been spectacular and has offered cheap storage in both the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce frameworks to analyze this data offline. New connectors for Spark will continue to emerge for extracting data from various data sources. This whitepaper provides insights on how Apache Spark stands out as a next-generation super-fast distributed computing engine for Big Data applications. White Paper Discusses About: Inception of Apache Spark Spark Ecosystem: A unique API library design Range of libraries supported by Spark

Big Data Projects‐ Paving the path to success

White Paper: Intersec Group

The advent of open‐source technologies fueled big data initiatives with the intent to materialize new business models.  The goal of big data projects often revolves around solving problems in addition to helping drive ROI and value across a business unit or entire organization. It’s often difficult to launch a big data project quickly due to competing business priorities; the myriad of technology choices available as well as, the sheer size, volume, and velocity of data. Key questions from this whitepaper: What are the common questions and challenges that the operators are facing when starting a Big Data project? What are the best practices to avoid being trapped in the ever‐lasting big data project that fails to generate any revenue? Should the big data project be carried out by the IT department or should it be led by a dedicated organization, under a new function like a Chief Data Officer, distinct from traditional IT?

Meshing Big Data and the Cloud

White Paper: RM Dayton Analytics

Can High Volume and Velocity Big Data Applications Run Successfully on a Cloud Platform? Some of the world’s largest companies are mothballing their behemoth in-house applications running on massively parallel processing databases in favor of cloud platforms.  Whether on premise or off, you need to align the right set of skills when deploying big data in the cloud. Read this executive briefing whitepaper to see real-world examples of the technologies and platforms that are being deployed on cloud platforms.  It’s highlights: What skills do you need in deploying big data in the cloud? What is a data lake? What are some of the technologies being used in near- and real-time large-scale cloud applications?

Xoomworks BI Survey 2015 Business Intelligence

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

Have you identified Business Intelligence and Analysis as an important investment? 90% of survey report states Business intelligence as a prevalent tool to improve business. XoomWorks, an expert in Business Intelligence and Analytics gave a statistic report on how Business Intelligence, Data Management and Data Security remain a high priority for large enterprises. Based on survey done by XoomWorks:What are the main reasons for Business Intelligence project failures? Data quality, Data governance, performance, user adoption change management and lack of skills, which tools to be used, are the main causes for project failures. Has your company identified Dashboards and Story boards as an important investment? How important is the control over access to sensitive data to your organization? This white paper gives a deep insight on proper methodology and business intelligence strategies including: Business Intelligence Tool Selection Management Information ,Business Intelligence Competence Centres, Centres of Excellence How Database Governance and Data Security is an important investment to lead in Business Intelligence? Download this white paper to learn more about trending Business Intelligence issues and implemention of self-service technologies to ensure high quality data which results creating a visual thinking culture.

Video Analytics Platform for Big Data

White Paper: AvidBeam Technologies

Why You Should Use intelligent Video Analytics platform?? An intelligent video analytics platform can help you to handle massive amounts of video or image input data and produce results in real time. The complex process of converting unstructured video data to a structured visual realization in a parallel context can be done with Big Data Video Analytics easily. So would you like to employ an intelligent big data video analytic tool and cloud based platforms to scale up the computer vision algorithms? If Yes! Read this whitepaper that gives you a brief insight of video analytics platform for big data for better business intelligence. Why intelligent video analytics platform will be the next big thing in big data? Why intelligent video analytics platform is the most untapped source of data? What are benefits of implementing intelligent video analytics platform? How to select the best platform for performing Video Analytics? How to handle Video Processing with Big Data Tools?

Business Intelligence - Does Your Organization Need It?

White Paper: Affirma Consulting

Business Intelligence derived Information and analysis can lead to a tremendous return on investment (ROI) if implemented correctly. You can improve the decision making processes at all levels of management and improve your tactical and strategic management processes with it. Do you have quick access to actionable data? Would you like to increase collaboration and unlock insights from your business systems? If yes! Read this whitepaper that addresses the following questions: What is Business Intelligence and why do organizations need it?  Is it the right time to implement Business Intelligence for your organization?  How to select the correct Business Intelligence solution for your business needs?

MDM vs Customer 360 Doing the Math

White Paper: InfoTrellis

With technologies like Customer 360 and Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can obtain an accurate assessment of customers by extracting customer details from all possible data sources. Customer data management is becoming more complex than ever. Hence, it is recommended to choose the right technology for the most comprehensive view of the customer and to integrate the data within the various technologies. Read more about MDM and Customer 360 in this report that includes: 1. The Purpose of MDM and Customer 360. 2. The Benefits of Customer 360. 3. The biggest challenges in developing a 360-degree view of the customer. 4. The Challenges of Unstructured Interaction Data.

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