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"Data Visualization: Creating Impactful Reports through Charts"

Data Visualization: Creating Impactful Reports

White Paper: DataFactZ Solutions

Data visualization is an effective way to create impactful reports, dashboards that improve decision making, enhanced ad-hoc data analysis, better information sharing, increased ROI, time saving and reduced burden on IT.

Data visualization is an essential component in the era of big data, enabling users to see trends and patterns that provide actionable intelligence.

This white paper talks about data visualization techniques that enable the user to make faster decisions and a better technological investment.

Inside this Visualization White Paper:

  • Interactive visualization: Clear and effective in communicating the content

  • List of DOs and DON’Ts in data visualization

  • Guide to choose the right chart type for successful data visualization

Data Visualization: Creating Impactful Reports
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What is

What is Business Intelligence ?

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process in which variety of software applications are used to analyze organization’s raw data and presenting the information in actionable format so executives and business leads can make better decisions looking at them. Although business intelligence has some common functions, it includes three basic functions: data mining, data analyzing and data processing.

What is Big Data ?

Big data is the act of collecting huge amount of enterprise data that can be used for future analysis. Big data helps all kind of industry data to grow securely that includes government, banking, retail, education and healthcare. Big data stores all kind of data including structured, unstructured and semi structured data, which contains valuable information about core functions of an enterprise such as finance, marketing, procurement.

What is Data Visualization ?

Data visualization is the technique of representing information in graphical or pictorial form to communicate the correlation between the data. With the help of visual representation, information is explicated in schematic form to provide quick glimpse of the subject matter.The concise description of the data by means of graphs, charts, and points enable decision makers to get a summarizing view of the data analysis and identify new patterns

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