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Crisis Management

A Recipe to Innovate The Digital Customer Experience

White Paper: Infosgroup

How important is the digital customer experience innovation? Creating a compelling digital customer experience has become the challenge for any business today. How can we retain a customer who never visits any branch physically? Maintaining customer relationship is the key to business success. Managing customers is not an easy task but an impossible one, and more importantly not an act of faith, but mainly a common sense journey. The challenge is how we do create a digital experience so compelling that our new and old customers would embrace it with the same or even more enthusiasm as they do with traditional face to face experience. This whitepaper presents a very pragmatic and easy to follow recipe, and other magical tech ingredients together to produce the best digital experience for your customer at the lowest possible cost, so we can call it “The recipe to your digital success”. Download this whitepaper to learn more about improving customer experience through digitization and the right ways to create a great digital experience.

Reputation And Crisis Management Techniques For The Enterprise

White Paper: Sprinklr

Crisis management techniques are designed to protect an organization and its stakeholders from threats and reduce the impact felt by threats. Developing a well-thought-out crisis management plan can be the difference between brand longevity and long-term brand damage. In this Crisis Management whitepaper on, you will learn: A guided approach to assessing and handling brand crisis scenario Combined perspectives from industry thought leaders, and our own recommendations for brand reputation management Create a customized crisis preparation model by assembling a crisis management team Crisis Plan Flowchart to assist you in putting out flash fires and rolling disasters Your brand’s crisis might not be as dramatic as a star falling from grace, but it can be just as disastrous. That’s why you need to develop a comprehensive crisis management plan!!

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