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Contact center systems

Eight Habits of Highly Ineffective Contact Centre Outsourcing Relationships

White Paper: Telus International

Outsourcing activity in the contact center market is at its highest level in five years. This increased transaction activity represents not only new demand for outsourced services, but also reflects an environment where many enterprises have matured in their outsourcing experiences, and are now in a more educated position to reevaluate their current deals.

What Will You Do When the Phones Stop Ringing?

White Paper: Altivon

It is quite probable, of course, that the phones will not stop ringing altogether. But the contact center that is prepared for such an eventuality will be better positioned to be responsive to customers no matter how they choose to reach out. And after all, aren’t customer satisfaction and retention the mission of the contact center? This whitepaper on “What Will You Do When the Phones Stop Ringing?,” highlights: The Customer Takes Control-Contact centers to focus less on service efficiency (costs) and more on delivering a positive customer experience The Role of Social Media-Social networks and blogs are now the fourth most popular online activity Addressing Non-Voice Media-Contact centers are finding that the fundamentals are the same regardless of media. Right Choice for Your Business-Discover the media preferences and service level expectations

Increase Your Per-Agent Debt Collection Revenue By Over 200%

White Paper: Ameyo

Fueled by many reasons, the debt collection industry has been growing and gaining more importance, forcing companies to adapt to this trend. By using a Dialer for handling large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and minimize the number of interactions to reach the right party. This whitepaper on “Increase your per-agent debt collection revenue by over 200%,” provides insights on how contact center technology and intelligent strategies can help collection agents to improve their debt collection rates. It highlights: Benefits of Automated Dialing System over Manual Dialing System for debt recovery scenario Metrics that are responsible in affecting productivity in debt collection agencies Personalized approach to debt collection services Automation to handle large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and by minimizing the number of interactions to reach the right party, they can improve the efficiency.

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