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Business Intelligence

Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense

White Paper: Sisense

To capitalize on the value of their information, many companies today are taking an embedded approach to analytics and delivering insights into the everyday workflow of their users through embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI). However, in order to successfully expose analytics to customers and partners, companies are faced with three main challenges such as manage complex data quickly, sharing data and insights securely. This guide includes a general overview of  BI & Embedded analytics, the different approaches to embedding BI and analytics, and the benefits and challenges of the most popular BI solution technologies that offer OEM partnerships. Key takeaways form this white paper: An overview on embedded business intelligence & analytics How to Make Analytics Your Competitive Differentiator Top Approaches to Embedding Analytics Comparing Embedded Analytics Partners Unique Technical Benefits of Sisense OEM Solution

5 Signs It's Time You Move Toward a Business Intelligence Solution

White Paper: Sisense

Business intelligence (BI) application is increasingly cited as the way to get actionable insights out of the data growing every day, to improve business performance and results. If your enterprise is struggling to get valuable insights from data you want to make smart business strategies and take good business decisions. Also, you probably already possess or have access to data that can help you in both areas. However, it may not be so obvious to decide how to handle that data, and which approach or tool will be the most effective. Is business intelligence the right solution? Read this white paper that explains how to evaluate your situation to see if a business intelligence solution makes sense for you and how you can decide for your own enterprise. Key takeaways from this white paper on business intelligence: Warning signs that information needs are not being met. Four steps you must take to generate useful BI dashboards and reports. Alternate business intelligence approaches for complex data. Determining the type of business intelligence solution that is most appropriate for your needs.

BI Success Beyond Data Visualization

White Paper: Sisense

Organizations need a business intelligence solution that combines both back-end and front-end functionality addresses all the requirements and goes beyond front-end only data visualization products, to allow your enterprise to make the most of the current and future business intelligence possibilities. Many organizations lack the tools to transform gold mine of data into business results since they only look at “business intelligence” label on a solution at face value that focus only on data visualization. This white paper about “Full-Stack vs. Front-End-Only BI Software” explores the differences in the two approaches of singlestack BI vs. data visualization while highlighting the challenges in performing important BI tasks. Some of them are as below: Preparing data Joining data sources Analyzing data Scaling Collaboration  

Dynamics of Emerging Pricing Models in Business Process Management

White Paper: WNS

Today, enterprises need to look beyond cost savings, while service providers need new sources of competitive differentiation and margin levers. In Business Process Management (BPM), Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) has historically followed FTE-based pricing. However, in recent times, some areas have seen a very gradual shift towards new, value-based models such as transaction-based and — in a more limited way — outcome-based pricing.

A Tale of Two Industries: How Online Travel and Business Process Management Have Grown Synergistically

White Paper: WNS

Change has been the only constant for the online travel business. Most online travel agencies (OTA) have leveraged the expertise of Business Process Management (BPM) partners to stay afloat amidst the changes and challenges. BPM providers have added value to the online travel industry and contributed significantly to its evolution. As OTAs continue to face sweeping changes in the business landscape, the need to have a mature BPM partner on board is felt more sharply than ever before. Know how BPM has become an integral part of an OTA’s business strategy.

Extend the value of your Qlik investment

White Paper: Jedox

The most flexible Business Intelligence (BI) platform, QlikView, allows its users to gain valuable insights by understanding the fine line between the relevant data and the redundant data. It stimulates unrestricted analysis of application data, thus helping users make timely and accurate decisions. If you are already aware of the above mentioned BI platform, then here’s an investment solution that would add on to the values of your Qlik investment. This white paper reveals the concealed facet of the same BI tool that could be coherently integrated with an extension facilitating freedom and flexibility for everyone in the company, in terms of analyzing planning data. This QlikView white paper unfolds how you can enhance your Qlik system with data capture and write-back to the database as well as specific planning functionality such as easy top-down planning and driver-based bottom-up planning, unifying Business Intelligence (BI) with Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

Comparing Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

White Paper: Sisense

Selecting A Business Intelligence & Analytics ​Solution​, shouldn't be based on the product with the most features but on the tool that best supports the needs of your business users. A plethora of business intelligence (BI) tools are available on the market, that address the increasing analytics needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. However, determining which BI analytics tool or tools to buy isn't always easy This whitepaper shows the comparison of several types of BI and analytics solutions based different criteria. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: 5 most popular types of BI solutions compared How to instantly analyze and visualize both big and disparate datasets in BI landscape Unique business benefits of different BI solutions

How to Build Business Intelligence Software Into Your 2017 Budget

White Paper: Sisense

Does your firm have a solid enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) solution? In recent years, Business Intelligence technology has evolved tremendously from IT-dependent reporting solutions to self-service, user-friendly, business-centric solutions.  As firms begin to consider enterprise BI, the first step is to take an inventory of existing technology. You may find it is money your firm is already spending. If your firm is running multiple BI solutions, you may be spending more than necessary. This whitepaper provides insights on how to form a realistic business intelligence budget based on your company’s needs. In this whitepaper get to know exactly: What a BI project should cost out of your annual operating budget in concrete numbers and timeframes How to build business intelligence into your budget, which serves as a springboard for businesses eager to face data challenges head on and make some major waves What are the 4 Signs that it’s time to invest in a BI solution In 2017, spend wiser and work more efficiently to find a Business Intelligence solution that will enable growth as your firm’s BI strategy continues to mature.

Using Spend Analysis Data to Build Your Sourcing Roadmap

White Paper: SciQuest

A strategic spend analysis solution will allow your organization to identify what data is important to collect, and will then enable actionable business decisions based on that data, including a forward-thinking sourcing roadmap. Having the right spend analysis tools can help your organization to get an accurate view of your spending, your suppliers, and opportunities for improving your sourcing and procurement activities. This whitepaper on Spend Analysis Data will discuss: The importance of collecting all data within your organization to leverage a business-driven, actionable plan How to improve the sourcing and procurement activities of your spend data and spend analytics How to make more informed decisions about your spend analytics and sourcing activities How visible and accurate data can help drive a strategic sourcing pipeline that is more forward-thinking instead of reactive What are the elements that are important and should be considered to properly develop the sourcing roadmap    

6 Ways to Improve Business Practices Using PDF

White Paper: LULU Software

Improving business practices using PDFs has become popular amongst companies for their benefits in aiding business operations in a trusting manner. It is an essential file format for improve business practices because it allows users to securely transfer and view electronic documents. The Portable Document Format has been the industry-standard for decades, namely because of its complacency in file sharing across a wide range of operating platforms and devices. What are the benefits PDFs can aid in business operations? How to use PDFs to improve business practices and take your business to a top notch level? Using PDFs are best to improve business practices because: It’s layout consistency amongst any device, regardless of the type of device. It gives businesses limitless opportunities for information retrieval. PDF’s gives the ability to compress large files makes it that much easier to download, open, and save files for clients using various devices. Its dependable format lets businesses to confidently share their important files with their respective clients without having to worry about any data breaches. This whitepaper offers some of the key ways in which organizations can improve business practices using PDFs. And, it is clear that PDF is the most viable option for business purposes and it will boost productivity, encourage collaboration, and ensure security.

7 Reasons Why CFOs Should Change their Budgeting & Forecasting Process

White Paper: Jedox

From the use of obsolete data, wasting crucial time and much-needed capital to shedding your reliance on your IT department, there are several reasons why you must consider bringing in a change in your budgeting and forecasting process. Maybe now is the time to stop relying on IT to fabricate financial planning and forecasting reports for you and being stalled by them for months, or it is the time to replace the antiquated business intelligence tools by a better self-service tool that propels your budgeting and forecasting approach and doesn’t hold your company back anymore. This white paper was written for financial managers needing a better self-service tool for budgeting, planning and forecasting and those needing a spark to change current practices that are holding your company back. It imparts the useful information about how this modern financial planning software solution with advanced planning functionality has accelerated many renowned companies’ forecasting process, and the data consolidation and data preparation, availed by this budgeting tool, for them has definitely strengthened their revenue, margin and expenses model.

The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance

White Paper: XMPro

Using predictive analytics to drive maintenance is what we’ve labelled “IoT-based predictive maintenance”. However, if you start by systematically implementing the steps outlined in this roadmap and strategically investing in your IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program, your organization will rise above the rest and see the benefits of the Internet of Things reflected in your bottomline. Download this free whitepaper titled ''The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance'' to learn how to: Identify which assets are a good fit for an IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program Improve the quality of your data Design & deploy a predictive model with Azure ML Manage the work that results from predictions Leverage machine learning to act smarter This insightful whitepaper will teach you how to leverage sensor data, predictive analytics & machine learning for more intelligent maintenance.  

3 Stages on a Successful Source to Pay Implementation Journey

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

What is a source to pay? Why do you need a source to pay process? Source to pay provides complete end- to-end outsourcing solution. Processing thousands of invoices, supplier data, purchasing requisitions and expense details is a burden. In order to overcome this challenge, an organization needs a procurement process to manage purchasing, sourcing events and improve business performance. Source to pay process spreads across all the departments in businesses and suppliers in a way that no other system does. Procurement process not only creates a better strategic sourcing approach that delivers greater savings and enhanced visibility, but also increases control and ongoing process. This white paper teaches you three stages involved in successfully implementing a procurement solution for source to pay. It focuses on six areas and opportunities that need focus during implementation of a source to pay solution: Choosing the right implementation partner Early and ongoing stakeholder engagement and  communication The mechanics of data and integration Implementing Saas on cloud storage Internal drive and motivation Adding  efficient content

Best Practices for Complex Sourcing Events

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

Running complex sourcing events takes time and effort, but if done right, the benefits make it worthwhile. But Sourcing solutions are rarely used to their full potential. Most of the sourcing systems come with advanced functionality that can be used to run many types of events, and as these systems get upgraded, further functionalities get added. Learn how to make the most of complex sourcing events through this whitepaper that addresses questions like: What constitutes a complex sourcing event? Why should you consider increasing the complexity of your events? What are the common pitfalls in running complex sourcing events and how to avoid them? What are the most commonly used methods to overcome complex sourcing events? How to run events effectively and efficiently using the functionality offered by mature sourcing solution? What are the reasons behind potentially challenging complex sourcing events ? How to use valuable information collected with event responses to improve future events?  It also includes ''Real Life Examples of Complex Sourcing Events''.  

Xoomworks BI Survey 2015 Business Intelligence

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

Have you identified Business Intelligence and Analysis as an important investment? 90% of survey report states Business intelligence as a prevalent tool to improve business. XoomWorks, an expert in Business Intelligence and Analytics gave a statistic report on how Business Intelligence, Data Management and Data Security remain a high priority for large enterprises. Based on survey done by XoomWorks:What are the main reasons for Business Intelligence project failures? Data quality, Data governance, performance, user adoption change management and lack of skills, which tools to be used, are the main causes for project failures. Has your company identified Dashboards and Story boards as an important investment? How important is the control over access to sensitive data to your organization? This white paper gives a deep insight on proper methodology and business intelligence strategies including: Business Intelligence Tool Selection Management Information ,Business Intelligence Competence Centres, Centres of Excellence How Database Governance and Data Security is an important investment to lead in Business Intelligence? Download this white paper to learn more about trending Business Intelligence issues and implemention of self-service technologies to ensure high quality data which results creating a visual thinking culture.

Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Applications

White Paper: AINS

This case management whitepaper helps you in the examination of the role of Case Management platforms for application development. As the traditional packaged software fails too often to address the unique requirements of knowledge work, which is complex in nature and subject to frequent changes in definition, the organizations have started leveraging a case management platform for agile applications. Download this whitepaper which addresses the case-centric processes better than integration-centric BPM technologies that have been retrofitted via Case Management Frameworks (CMFs). It highlights the following points: Benefits of adopting Case Management Platform leverage Case Management Platform to support mission critical applications Comparison between BPM and Case Management Automate mandatory and discretionary tasks with adaptive case management.

Business Intelligence - Does Your Organization Need It?

White Paper: Affirma Consulting

Business Intelligence derived Information and analysis can lead to a tremendous return on investment (ROI) if implemented correctly. You can improve the decision making processes at all levels of management and improve your tactical and strategic management processes with it. Do you have quick access to actionable data? Would you like to increase collaboration and unlock insights from your business systems? If yes! Read this whitepaper that addresses the following questions: What is Business Intelligence and why do organizations need it?  Is it the right time to implement Business Intelligence for your organization?  How to select the correct Business Intelligence solution for your business needs?

10 Reasons Why You Need a True Self-Service BI Tool

White Paper: Datapine GmbH

Self-service BI(business intelligence) is growing with major shift from IT driven process to self service approach in Business intelligence. Instant insights with self-service reports are demanded by decision makers, as they need right data at the right time to make the right decision. Why are organizations adopting to self-service business intelligence (BI) tools ? What advantages do self-service BI offer over traditional BI? What's the difference between "self-service" and "traditional" business intelligence? How can self-service BI improve your business? What are potential advantages and challenges of self-service business intelligence tools?  So if you want to eliminate the traditional time-consuming reporting process, self-service business intelligence tools can help you analyze what is happening in real-time. Check out this whitepaper outlining ten reasons why you need a true self-service BI solution, and what that solution should offer.

Five Steps to Email Compliance

White Paper: Cirius Messaging Inc

Having an effective email compliance policy is necessary for every organization to demonstrate and ensure that the business is operating in a compliant manner and to minimize ongoing legal risk. Are you sure if your daily corporate email communication is covered by email compliance laws and regulations?? A solid Email compliance policy can help organizations get rid of common phishing, malware attacks, and leaky emails to secure intellectual property, prevent harassment and protect the corporate brand. This white paper outlines five straightforward steps that organizations can follow to develop an effective email compliance policy to help address technical security safeguard standards. It will help you: 1. To determine what applies to you and what to do: Major regulations affecting organizations’ email policy 2. To identify what needs protecting and set protocols 3. To track data leaks and losses 4. To identify the solution you need 5. To educate your users

Specialty Lines Underwriting:Achieve Profitable Growth Through A Collaborative Underwriting Infrastructure

White Paper: Appian

An underwriting infrastructure where speed, risk and return are in balance is the groundwork for more consistency in underwriting profitability and growth. However, the potential challenges to specialty insurance market growth are more intricate and challenging. In order to drive underwriting profitability and growth, you can have a vivid glimpse of the recent trends and developments in specialty insurance markets for profitable growth through insurance underwring. Would you like to know about the growth potential of the specialty insurance market?Do you need assistance with significant insights for the underwriting in specialty insurance market? Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How to improve insurance underwriting process and underwriting profit margin? How can isurance underwriting drive profitable growth in specialty insurance? What are the key success factors for specialty carriers? How to determine the underwriting expenses for underwriting profitability and growth?

What the Heck is an Analytics Strategy?

White Paper: Kavi Global

Analytics strategy has to be very closely aligned with the business strategy as business transformation is not an isolated activity. An analytics strategy can identify the gaps in terms of organization and people, processes, technology and data are and proactively address them to be successful. So, what really is an analytics strategy? The key to success is a clearly defined vision and an analytics strategy. Whether you are planning an enterprise wide analytics program to transform the business or an analytics initiative that would benefit a single department, a well-planned Analytics Strategy can make all the difference by proactively addressing the reasons for the failures. Are you struggling to bring analytics to the business strategy?? Then read this whitepaper that explores enterprise data analytics strategy, best practices, risks associated and how to mitigate them. It highlights: How to successfully execute an enterprise analytics strategy? Where in the business processes can analytics strategy be applied? What are the quantifiable benefits of doing so?  What are the best known strategies to prepare data for analytics? What are the keys to develop a successful analytics strategy?

G3G Global SAP Support Services

White Paper: g3g

SAP Support services are offered for continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes.  You need a partner who will ensure that your SAP environment becomes a real business enabler, not a business constraint. Download this descriptive whitepaper on “Global SAP Support Services” and learn how to get the best from your SAP program. It focuses on: What does your company require from SAP support services? How can you build the support package tailored to your needs by combining sap support services and commercial terms? How can the sap support services help develop your existing SAP environment? Get the consistent and seamless support you need for all your SAP solutions!

Visual Metrics-The Executive Insight into the Competitive Landscape

White Paper: TECSYS Inc.

What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is a specific process in which an organization compares its cost and performance data against data from a similar entity, to better understand both its position in the market and the current state of the business’ health. In this informative whitepaper we will explore why benchmarking processes are more important now than ever, and discuss some of the challenges that decision makers may face when attempting to utilize benchmark data. It addresses: What are the three key elements that are covered by benchmarking process? What are the significant benefits of benchmarking? How to find a trusted source of relevant benchmark data? What are the key steps involved to deliver insightful, actionable intelligence to a distribution organization in answering to the benchmarking challenges? Download this whitepaper that examines benchmarking and how businesses can use embedded benchmark data from top performers to benefit their warehouse and supply chain.

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