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Platform as a service

Building a Bigger Picture: The Altmetric Advantage

White Paper: Altmetric

Identifying and nurturing Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) has become as critical as the role of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in increasing ‘share of voice’ in the market. Medical affairs and publication planning teams have traditionally been responsible for increasing ‘share of voice, usually by reaching out to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). While this hasn’t changed, who you need to reach - and how - has. The influence of KOLs remains important, but tends to be focused on ‘offline’ activities. Meanwhile, Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) have gained more power to influence the groups that matter to pharmaceutical companies, with a much wider social reach than KOLs.   Digital Opinion Leaders are driving health policy decisions, and even shaping brands before a product has launched by: Initiating online conversations Reviewing opinions Responding to comments Exerting influence over peers, patients and others in the industry We estimate that there is currently only a 10 percent overlap between KOLs and DOLs. This is because in general they have presence in different spheres with different audiences. To engage DOLs, medical affairs and publication planning teams must learn what topics a DOL is passionate about, what channels they engage with and what information they are asking for. In Altmetric's latest report 'Building a bigger picture: the Altmetric advantage' we examine:': The rise of the Digital Opinion Leader How to measure share of voice in a digital age How to measure value and maximise research Tracking and measuring conversations on digital platforms is vital to measuring your brand’s influence. Find out how you can get better insights into the broader societal impacts of your research and products, including how they’re received and the demographics engaging with them. Download now

Platform Matters When Selecting An ERP

White Paper: Kenandy

In order to survive, grow and compete in the digital age, you need an ERP that is easily configurable and extensible. ERP can benefit immensely from the availability of application services that ease and speed development and customization, as well as from the ecosystem that develops around the platform. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over the Internet without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure and services typically associated with developing an enterprise application. This whitepaper provides insights on the features and functions being delivered when selecting an ERP, and also the platform on which it is developed. It discusses: Disrupting Your Business, Disrupting Your ERP Growing Pains Speed Matters: The Right Platform Can Help Is it a platform that supports configurability over invasive customization?

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