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inventory management

The Importance of Accurate Inventory for Software Asset Management

White Paper: Certero

Software asset management (SAM) has rapidly gained importance in recent years among many organizations as a strategic imperative that enables them to achieve maximum value from their IT investments. Organizations are finding that they can be more successful and prepared in their SAM efforts by investing in technology that automates the software inventory process. This whitepaper explains the importance of accurate software inventory for software asset management. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Are legacy toolsets fit for SAM? Realizing IT efficiencies through automated software inventory tools New methods of application delivery for today’s SAM technology

Selecting a Warehouse Management System that Cures Growing Pains: Four Critical Considerations

White Paper: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

Today’s best-of-breed Warehouse Management System (WMS) incorporates and supports visibility across the supply chain management, enabling proactive disruption management and effective inventory management. Under the traditional model, warehouses have functioned within their four walls, leaving gaps among key supply chain players that disrupt the flow of warehouse inventory and information. This whitepaper provides information that is intended to help executives in warehouse management identify whether they need to upgrade their current Warehouse Management System and how to select a best-value WMS solution based on today’s competitive landscape. It addresses the following key questions: What are the four critical considerations for mastering supply chain management? What are the telltale signs that indicate a strong need for a best-value WMS solution? How can warehouse operations keep pace with the challenges caused by supply chain complexity?

Utilization of Installed Base Planning for Service Parts Optimization

White Paper: Baxter Planning Systems

How is Installed Base Planning helping organization to optimize inventory along with better Service Parts Optimization ? Is it optimizing inventory by improving forecasts and generating more intelligent target stock levels in low and no demand environments common to services parts planning operations? Read this technical whitepaper that answer questions like - -What is Installed Base Planning? -How can you meet the supply chain goals using service parts optimization with Installed Base Planning? -Where to stock service inventory to support an installed base data management? -How to use Installed Base data to calculate the forecast? -What is the proper target stock level for each part at each location to support the forecasted demand?

What is your Company's Cholesterol Level?

White Paper: Adexa

This whitepaper is a comparative analysis between cholesterol and inventory and their similar effects on the health of an organization and human immune system. Just like Cholesterol, we have “good” inventory and “bad” inventory. The good one is the one indicated by high number of turns which is indicative of agility and fitness that increase your good cholesterol. The bad inventory can be found as raw material blocking the supply chain in an organization. The right mix of inventory is essential to every business .But there is no easy way to know the right balance of inventory. Download this informative whitepaper to learn about: - Proven methods to know the right balance between ''Good and Bad inventory''. - Preventive measures you can take to get rid of bad inventory. - How to create a global inventory mix that achieves outstanding customer service levels while simultaneously reducing inventory.

Sales & Operations Planning

White Paper: IBS

Building Sales & Operations Planning (S&O)  around a “Plan, Do, Check and Act” (PDCA) process represents a proven way to align financial goals with operational reality. Unless you develop a sound Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process based on a PDCA methodology, your struggle to meet projections will continue to persist. What are you doing to improve your sales and operations planning process? This whitepaper outlines how to build and improve S&OP around PDCA by working a plan in iterative steps. It addresses questions like: Why do you need Sales and Operations Planning processes? How to drive performance improvement with S&OP processes? How to ensure your sales and operations planning process is robust? Read this insightful whitepaper and make your best financial projection moving forward, and resolve to drive Sales &Operations Planning process. When you devise a plan, work it, track it and refine it, you become more organizationally stable, more competitive, less fearful and in control !! 

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