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digital experience monitoring

Succeed with Workspace Analytics for IT

White Paper: Lakeside Software

Given today’s complex enterprise IT environment, it is clear that the lines have blurred between applications and services, IT and service providers, and enterprise and consumer hardware. This shift has become a concern for groups who understand the quality of the digital interactions between end users, business processes, and technologies have direct impacts on end-user experience and productivity.  Read this white paper for an overview of how workspace analytics uses deep analytical capabilities to facilitate the discovery of insights into improving the end-user experience, ensuring smooth implementations, and ultimately enabling productivity. This workspace analytics white paper explains: What is workspace analytics and how it can be incorporated into IT operations? How can enterprises incorporate a successful digital experience monitoring (DEM) practice?  How can asset optimization improve the end-user experience?  What is event correlation and analysis (ECA) and how does solve IT problems quickly and automatically?

Critical Capabilities For Effective Content Marketing

White Paper: Aberdeen Group

With the majority of all marketers practicing content marketing, the demands on executing effectively with content have changed. Simply having content is not good enough. Marketers must use content in concert with other, well-refined marketing capabilities. This whitepaper highlights that simply practicing content marketing contributes to improved effectiveness and when the right capabilities come together with content marketing, practitioners can even rival the performance of the Best-in- Class. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Make the most of marketing efforts amplified by content Amplify content marketing performance by amplifying social media effectiveness Compound on benefits from content marketing efforts with integrated marketing technologies Everything comes back to revenue

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