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Cloud Backup

How We Work with You to Get the Most Out of Cloud Backup Services

White Paper: Sky Data Vault

Having a disaster recovery plan and also cloud backup services are absolutely necessary for a business to keep its data safe and secure. With cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions that will allow the business to remain operational during and after any disaster while minimizing the impact of unplanned events and helping them recover as quickly as possible. This whitepaper provides insights on how to get the most out of cloud backup services. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How do you choose the right Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partner to provide the best cloud backup and protection services in the market? Multiple Disaster Recovery solutions to help the clients succeed and survive through any disaster, which can be damaging to a business Portfolio of solutions offered to accommodate your clients more efficient way to deliver business critical backup and recovery solutions

Rethinking Recovery for Distributed and Cloud Databases: A Versioned Database Future

White Paper: Datos IO

Enterprise-grade recovery capabilities for distributed and cloud databases is a necessity. It is no exaggeration to say modern enterprises cannot run without business applications and underlying databases. To unlock enterprise value from their data, organizations must be sure that the data can be managed and recovered over its lifecycle. It is imperative that businesses fill these data recovery gaps to benefit from the best of both worlds and to scale their adoption across the enterprise and for their core applications. Knowing more about the perfect platform, which is rethinking recovery for the world of scale-out databases, is a requirement. What are some most common distributed database recovery issues? What are some best traditional database recovery techniques that are out in market? What are the trends that will shape application and infrastructure availability? What is the exact criteria for selecting the right database management system? What are the data warehouse disruptions in the database market? What are the major database-centric backup/recovery problems? How can you manage data for transactions and analytics? This whitepaper lays out five steps towards distributed database design to ensure your project matches up with requirements from inception, through the development life cycle and to deployment. 

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