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Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Backup Service Provider

"Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Backup Service Provider"

How We Work with You to Get the Most Out of Cloud Backup Services

How We Work with You to Get the Most Out of Cloud Backup Services

White Paper: Sky Data Vault

Having a disaster recovery plan and also cloud backup services are absolutely necessary for a business to keep its data safe and secure.

With cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions that will allow the business to remain operational during and after any disaster while minimizing the impact of unplanned events and helping them recover as quickly as possible.

This whitepaper provides insights on how to get the most out of cloud backup services.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

How do you choose the right Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partner to provide the best cloud backup and protection services in the market?

Multiple Disaster Recovery solutions to help the clients succeed and survive through any disaster, which can be damaging to a business

Portfolio of solutions offered to accommodate your clients more efficient way to deliver business critical backup and recovery solutions

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Disaster Recovery Made Easy

The genesis of Sky Data Vault (SDV) traces back to 2013, when the founders, seasoned in managed services, IT support, and telecom marketplaces, recognized the surging adoption of cloud services and demand for affordable, cloud-enabled DR solutions. “We all think of fire, flood, and long term power outage when we hear DRaaS. The reality is human error, hardware failure, and malware are far more common than environmental issues. We felt if we simplified the service for the customer, eliminated upfront hardware costs, and went to market with a monthly service fee, DRaaS would be more accessible for organizations to mitigate risk in all areas of their business,” begins Michael Thompson, Founder, Sky Data Vault. Sky Data Vault’s state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery solutions portfolio includes Direct to Cloud (D2C) Back Up, Hybrid DRaaS, and Direct to Cloud (D2C) DRaaS to give organizations options based on their business objectives. D2C Back Up offers protection and recovery services for important files and folders by encrypting the backups and storing them in the secure SDV Cloud.

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