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Application Programming Interface

THE ART OF THE API: BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES An OpenLegacy Blueprint using API Technology for Digital Transformation

White Paper: OpenLegacy

The open API technology has potential to unleash a new wave of changes in the financial service industry. The implementation of APIs and microservices can eliminate complex integration difficulties thereby extending your back-end legacy systems to create a fully functional digital service. With OpenLegacy--open-standards-based API integration and management software--you can create seamless customer experiences, drive new revenue and reduce customer churn with innovative digital applications through the web or mobile devices within days or weeks. Customers expect real-time information whenever and wherever they are, without the assistance of an agent or a call center representative. The modern agent requires new tools and applications to maintain productivity in a mobile environment. This whitepaper explores the topic of using APIs (application programming interface) to quickly deliver the innovations that banking customers demand. In this whitepaper learn how to implement the ART of the API in order to achieve: Seamless customer experience 70% reduction in total cost of ownership Fully functional digital services in minutes instead of months Software quality and security Drive new revenue

How to Win the Digital Retail Race with Effective API Design Management

White Paper: DigitalML

Helping retailers provide a seamless digital experience Continuing innovations in store technology that transform the retail experience, powered by mobile apps, API design management, interactive displays, and other elements are designed to fit together with digital services and big data insights into a cohesive whole. This whitepaper provides insights on how leaders can be successful by creating a business-led portfolio of API services that consistently deliver comprehensive services at any touch-point. It discusses: Digital experiences are critical for retailers IT faces many obstacles to delivering a cohesive API services portfolio Accelerate digital retail with the API service design platform Without the API design management, your firm is destined to struggle to deliver the omni-channel experiences your customers are demanding.

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

White Paper: Nexright

Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the key to provide great digital banking experience to the customers. API provides value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy to meet demands of customer experience driving banking innovations. How do the banks benefit from APIs? Identify attributes which can provide individualized customer experience through power of API economy. Create significant balance change. Attract new customers and generate large transactions. This whitepaper guides you on banking innovation through API economy and topics related to: Understanding the API value chain & identifying APIs. Designing & exposing prediction APIs for app builders. Building Machine learning and analytic capabilities at API layer. What are the business assets provided through the API? How to Design & Model APIs with appropriate context? What are the technologies and tools to engineer the API data? Download this whitepaper which helps you provide individualized customer experience through the power of API economy.

10 Critical Insights into Application Programming Interface to Leverage the Value of Your Data

White Paper: OpenDataSoft

Understanding and offering Application Programming Interface (API) can be a challenge for business users. Over the past few years, Application Programming Interface has become a vector for the development of businesses and public institutions that cannot be ignored. This whitepaper unravels the ten critical insights to help you get the most out of Application Programming Interface in your data strategy. It also addresses questions like: What are the Application Programming Interface and Why they're Important? Why do you need an Application Programming Interface (API) proxy? What are the advantages of a reliable Application Programming Interface (API)? And what makes an API reliable? How can API expose data and services? What makes a great Application Programming Interface (API)? What is the best effective Application Programming Interface (API) strategy? How are web Application Programming Interface beneficial to web developers? Learn the best practices of Application Programming Interface (API) documentation and protocols and how it can be successfully applied to get the best out of your data.

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