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Introducing A Digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) For Public Safety In-Building Communications

White Paper: Dali Wireless

In today’s emergency services operation, reliable public safety communications are essential from dispatch to mission critical situations and from voice only capabilities to voice and data. Public safety communications have evolved from fire call boxes, analog land mobile radios (LMR) to digital LMRs and trunked radio systems. Therefore, a flexible, future-proof and reliable solution is required to satisfy the current requirements and future, next-gen public safety in-building requirements. This whitepaper on “The next generation digital public safety solution,” provides insights on Digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS), and how to meet the stringent requirements of reliability and the evolving needs of public safety including broadband, LTE and FirstNet. It discusses: Public safety broadband requirements including LTE, FirstNet and ESN Options for enhancing the public safety in-building coverage Digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) – The Next Generation Approach Current and future Requirements of Public Safety In-Building Coverage Systems Hence the Distributed Antenna System approach enables public safety operators and integrators to meet today’s voice and data requirements while providing them with a seamless migration path to address the evolving needs.

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