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Video Conferencing

Audio Over Ethernet: Cobranet And IEEE / AVB Network Bridging Solutions

White Paper: Clear One

Audio over Ethernet offers substantial potential cost savings in cabling and other infrastructure. With the convergence of IT systems and professional audio technologies, high fidelity, low-latency, digital audio can be efficiently distributed over Ethernet using one of many available protocols. As these technologies have evolved and the domains of sound transmission and information technology have converged, the transition from analog cabling into complex digital network infrastructures has not been without its challenges. This whitepaper on “Audio over Ethernet: CobraNet® and IEEE / AVB network bridging solutions”: Describes some of these innovations, including the emergence of Audio over Ethernet, CobraNet1, IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB), and other industry standards. Provides insights on how pro audio and computer networking have come together to harness the power of IP networks for the distribution of digital audio over greater distances Discusses Networked Audio Application Examples  

The Value Of Software-Based Video Codecs

White Paper: Clear One

Software-based video codecs, for a variety of reasons, offers developers and users the flexibility needed to upgrade information and technology as it is needed, thereby eliminating expensive hardware. The advent of software-based codecs, compared to hardware-based codecs, offers value in many ways. This whitepaper provides insights that will help you to understand the value of software-based codecs as part of today’s collaborative tools. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Why to develop the new video conferencing systems on software-based codec? How to meet the customer needs? The Value of Software-Based Video Codecs versus Hardware-Based Video Codecs Increased processing capability of general-purpose processors & standard operating systems,

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