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Testing Strategy

Automating Point of Sale Testing

White Paper: Zeenyx Software

Vendors of Point of Sale (POS) software, system integrators and retailers who develop or customize packaged solutions should make implementing test automation a priority in their testing organizations. Effective test automation for POS software can be developed quickly and efficiently using predefined templates and reusable steps. This whitepaper provides a detailed understanding of the concepts, components and techniques necessary for automating the testing of a POS system using AscentialTest. It also highlights: Different components of the test framework that address the parts of POS How to get the most benefit from automated testing How to promote reuse of test cases across localized POS systems Descriptions of a small sample of steps for the cash register GUI

Testing Legacy Application Modernization

White Paper: Zeenyx Software

When a legacy application is modernized, transaction flow may be changed to adjust to the standards and capabilities of the new platform. If tests are automated using a traditional testing tool, those user interface changes would require a significant amount of test maintenance to get tests running on the new platform. AscentialTest provides a short-cut by allowing users to develop tests against the legacy application as a baseline and then converting them to the new user interface. This whitepaper on “Testing Legacy Application Modernization,” highlights: High level overview of how tests are created in AscentialTest Ways to convert the legacy objects to the new platform Components of Object definition How to ensure that the modernized version of the application produces the same results

Benefits of Creating Testing Centre of Excellence

White Paper: QA Mentor

Benefits of creating a testing center of excellence (TCOE) Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) ensures high level Quality Assurance with efficient SDLC to increase the reliability of products, keeping high profit margins leading to quick growth of company. TCOE lets you do more with limited budget by creating a QA command center that uses standardized methodologies combined with automation and informative metrics to more efficiently allocate flexible resources, decrease time to market, and reduce costs. A TCOE establishes multiple skill sets and a top QA tool to accelerate innovation, ensure quality, and drive down risk to create a culture of quality within the organization and also establishes a cycle of continuous process improvement. What are the consequences faced over improper implementation of TCOE? Improper implementation of TCOE leads to failure and costs time, money and credibility. Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) requires a forethought planning and necessary internal support. Four phases through which the company needs to go to adapt to the changes are: Setting the foundation for a strong and effective TCOE Optimizing shared resources QA as a centralized service Excellent Quality This whitepaper helps you understand how QA Mentor, a software quality assurance expert came up with the benefits of creating testing center of excellence and brief insight of the above four phases of TCOE.

The Importance of Performing Static Testing to Increase Return On Investment

White Paper: QA Mentor

Static testing is an option too often overlooked as only one quarter of US companies are engaged in it. But what they fail to recognize is that the return on that investment from static testing is far higher than any money presumably saved by not utilizing it. In comparison with traditional testing processes, static testing tops the charts with certain key features like. Reduces testing costs to a bargain of potential expenditures, maximizing ROI. Much earlier defects detection, thereby making way to faster fixes. Many times more effective than dynamic testing. This white paper elaborates the static testing processes by following a strong and proven methodology which includes. Reviewing the design of application completely with the help of a thorough inspection process. Creating a comprehensive inspection checklist for each document that will be reviewed Performing a walkthrough to ensure Business and industry standards are evaluated properly. Download this free white paper on ''The Importance of Performing Static Testing ''to learn: Why static testing is a necessary step for any organization wishing to increase the quality of their products and to increase the Return of Investment? How to perform static testing the right way? What are the benefits of Static Testing and how to reap them?  How to use static testing techniques to reduce the testing time and increase ROI?  

Test Data Provisioning Approaches

White Paper: L&T Infotech

Every organization should have well-organized and effective testing strategies in order to increase test efficiency and deliver high quality software. Test data is one of the most important factors in overall testing life cycle. Scenario-specific, realistic, right-sized, masked test data created in test environments ensures the following: - Scenario-specific test data availability before test execution increases test efficiency/quality and reduces overall testing cycle time. - Realistic test data in lower test regions reduces production defect leakages. - Right-sized test data in test environments reduces space utilization and increases the response time. - Masked test data ensures security compliance

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