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The Economics of Transportation Management Systems

White Paper: CTSI-Global

Transportation management systems economics can aid in the tasks of moving materials through the ability to quickly process the massive amount of data and variables and supply the information that logistics professionals need to make quick, accurate and cost effective decisions. Transportation costs are one of the biggest expenditures for companies, and these costs continue to increase. Download this descriptive whitepaper that brings you the current conditions of the industry, what factors are contributing to these increases, and the benefits to why a Transportation Management Systems is so important. It covers: How to reduce transportation cost in supply chain? How can the business intelligence information gained from a Transportation Management Systems invaluable to the user firm? What are the issues that Transportation Management System users face today? Read this whitepaper to know more about the management of transportation functions in the transportation economics.

Best Practices: Financial due Diligence and the Outsourcing of Freight Bill Audit and Payment

White Paper: CTSI-Global

The outsourcing of freight bill audit and payment is an important financial step for an outsourcing firm and should be treated as such. While most of the firms are financially sound, well-managed businesses, the general business climate dictates the importance of thorough financial due diligence in selecting a provider. This informative white paper highlights a number of steps that can be taken to ensure a successful relationship, protecting and minimizing the financial risk to the outsourcer. Some of it includes: Investigate the reputation of the freight bill auditing and payment firm used by the provider. Make sure that statements and other documents are examined by qualified financial personnel. Investigate the reputation of the FBAP firm’s senior management. Ensure that the Freight Bill Auditing and Payment firm’s financial controls are tested at least annually by an independent auditor. Download this whitepaper to know more about: Why and how to outsource freight bill audit and payment services? What are the significant advantages to outsourcing freight bill audit and payment? Why freight bill audit and payment firm should not be too reliant on one or two clients? What are the major reasons for outsourcing failures in freight bill audit and payment?

Three Ways Shipping Can Improve Margins for Retailers

White Paper: ShipHawk

Are you implementing smart shipping practices to step out of your geographic comfort zone and allow your business to broaden your customer base? This free whitepaper on shipping profitablity guides on: What shipping tactics may attract more traffic and purchases? Right way to examine your shipping process to drive profitability. Why your business can lose the ability to drive profitability through pricing alone? Where your customers come from or what they’ll be purchasing before they arrive? To make shipping profitable, you need to gain an insight into your overall cost for each order - price, cost of goods and shipping cost, and automate the time consuming part of logistic process .To increase your profit margin and overall experience to your customers, a proper shipping strategy should be implemented. Read this free whitepaper to know the top three ways retailers can use shipping as a strategic tool to improve their margins.  

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