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Driving video conferencing ROI

White Paper: Clear One

Understanding the current state of video conferencing and focusing on return on investment can help organizations increase usage of the technology and better understand its benefits. The use of video conferencing has the potential of increasing productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time, preventing meeting delays, creating shorter & more structured meetings, and providing faster exchange of information. This whitepaper provides insights on how video conferencing is being viewed as a business necessity to drive adoption and optimize usage of equipment. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Calculating a return on investment to see the value of video conferencing Types of return on investment (ROI) calculations for video conferencing Videoconferencing Cost Justification Explanation of Categories and Formulas Expanded Video Applications

Redefining District ROI: Return on Value as the New Benchmark

White Paper: SunGard K-12

Throughout the nation, superintendents of K-12 public school districts face unprecedented challenges in guiding their schools through a perfect storm of social upheaval, revolutionary technology, changing educational policy, and decreased public funding. It’s now high time for K-12 schools to look beyond the financials when it comes to investing in data management systems. How can measuring non-fiscal returns reveal a clearer value of the investment? This whitepaper helps in redefining the traditional business concept of a return on investment (ROI) is required to recognize community-wide district benefits. Return on Value is the new benchmark Student achievement District-wide knowledge Community engagement This benchmark will turn your district into a K-12 Success Ecosystem.

Adaptive Insights Anonymous Manufacturer


With ''Adaptive Insights'' companies of all sizes and industries can plan smarter, report faster and analyze better for transforming business performance. Companies needed adaptive insights to perform financial planning and analysis (FP&A) in a consistent and reliable way across the operations of its plants. The organizations uses SAP and Hyperion for global consolidation, but lackes a common tool to perform planning and analysis at the local level. Key features this descriptive whitepaper on ''Adaptive Insights'' focuses  are: What are the key advantage of Adaptive insights?  How can implementing an Adaptive Planning solution allow managers to create more concise, and accurate budgets and forecasts? How Adaptive Insights can provide better visibility, and the ability to analyze and understand value stream performance? How to evaluate Adaptive Planning based on your organization’s needs? How to quantify and calculate the ROI for company’s investment in its deployment of Adaptive Planning?

Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout

White Paper: Penta Technologies

Construction software roll out when carefully managed, can result in optimum growth and return on investment. Understanding the justification behind the rules of construction software roll out management buy-in is only half the battle. Actually attaining such buy-in is the challenge. This whitepaper on "Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout," brings you three often-overlooked rules for your system rollout to be a success. Setting up clear objectives to determine rollout success of your construction software implementation How to communicate effectively with key staff before, during, and after the system rollout effort How construction firms can streamline processes and gain competitive advantage by selecting and implementing the perfect construction software systems for their unique needs Read this white paper to get an insight on key factors for IT professionals to successfully rolling out a construction software and ensure a smooth implementation.

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