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Why Outsourcing Your Information Technology Might Make Sense

White Paper: Integrated Business Systems

Within this rapidly changing and expanding environment, IT outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows companies to budget effectively. Outsourcing lets businesses focus their human resources where they need them most. They no longer have to financially support employees dedicated to the IT function, nor do they have to worry about training. This whitepaper provides reasons why organizations are choosing to outsource their IT function, retaining third-party Managed Services providers to fill the role of internal chief information officer. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Certification, Qualification and Experience Rapid New Technology Implementation Renewed Core-business Focus Risk Reduction, Compliance and Security

3 Stages on a Successful Source to Pay Implementation Journey

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

What is a source to pay? Why do you need a source to pay process? Source to pay provides complete end- to-end outsourcing solution. Processing thousands of invoices, supplier data, purchasing requisitions and expense details is a burden. In order to overcome this challenge, an organization needs a procurement process to manage purchasing, sourcing events and improve business performance. Source to pay process spreads across all the departments in businesses and suppliers in a way that no other system does. Procurement process not only creates a better strategic sourcing approach that delivers greater savings and enhanced visibility, but also increases control and ongoing process. This white paper teaches you three stages involved in successfully implementing a procurement solution for source to pay. It focuses on six areas and opportunities that need focus during implementation of a source to pay solution: Choosing the right implementation partner Early and ongoing stakeholder engagement and  communication The mechanics of data and integration Implementing Saas on cloud storage Internal drive and motivation Adding  efficient content

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