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Order Management

5 Ways Electronic Invoicing Helps Businesses Get Paid Faster

White Paper: Basware

Electronic invoicing delivers efficiencies across the accounts receivable cycle: invoice creation, invoice delivery, dispute management, posting, and reporting and analytics. Most impor­tantly, reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with electronic invoicing enables businesses to reinvest more quickly to drive company growth. This white paper details the inefficiencies of pa­per-based billing processes, and shows five ways that electronic invoicing accelerates the accounts receiv­able cycle, and, in turn, greatly reduces DSO. Invoice preparation: With electronic invoicing, businesses can virtually eliminate the time required to prepare invoices. Invoice presentment: Sending paper invoices internationally can add days or weeks to the invoice delivery process. Dispute resolution: Resolving disputed invoices Posting: Consolidating payments and remittance information received via various channels Reporting and analytics: To manage all of their invoices from a single place for complete visibility and control across their accounts receivable processes

What is your Company's Cholesterol Level?

White Paper: Adexa

This whitepaper is a comparative analysis between cholesterol and inventory and their similar effects on the health of an organization and human immune system. Just like Cholesterol, we have “good” inventory and “bad” inventory. The good one is the one indicated by high number of turns which is indicative of agility and fitness that increase your good cholesterol. The bad inventory can be found as raw material blocking the supply chain in an organization. The right mix of inventory is essential to every business .But there is no easy way to know the right balance of inventory. Download this informative whitepaper to learn about: - Proven methods to know the right balance between ''Good and Bad inventory''. - Preventive measures you can take to get rid of bad inventory. - How to create a global inventory mix that achieves outstanding customer service levels while simultaneously reducing inventory.

Order Management Strategies for Efficiency and Growth

White Paper: NetSuite

The Order Management Strategies for Efficiency and Growth provides benchmarks and associated recommendations to small and medium-sized businesses on how to optimize operations to help grow their business. This informative whitepaper is based on a survey of more than 200 manufacturing companies in the U.S., wholesale distribution and retail sectors, discusses the opportunities and challenges around order management process. Shipping is not well integrated with order management Improved order management is the #1 Customer-Focused Initiative Top growth and channel order management strategies How does your order management performance stack up? Download this whitepaper to find out why improving order management is the top customer-focused initiative and get practical recommendations on proven strategies to drive satisfaction and sales. Benchmark your order and fulfillment efficiency against your peers!!

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