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Oil and Gas Industry

COTS Computing in Oil Well Production and Monitoring Applications

White Paper: Crystal Group

The recent trend of need for server class computing on a well site has provided challenges for companies that need to carefully monitor production for the purposes of regulatory requirements in addition to production optimization. The oil field is a relatively inhospitable place for computers, power supplies, and network switches. Selecting the right components and protecting them from damage is a key factor in a long and uneventful life. This whitepaper addresses high-end computer integration associated with well head and down-hole monitoring and provides suggestions for successful system integration for reliable jobsite operations. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: A starting point is the transit case enclosure selection Computing challenge for cots computers in oil production Clean power is a key issue on-site Characteristics of a true On-Line UPS

Drilling for Data in The Oil & Gas Industry With Lease Management Software

White Paper: ABBYY

The Oil and Gas industry needs successful lease management processes to streamline the data pipeline: From entering the data into a land system to analysis, alerting, and decision-making. Land lease management processes depend today on stove-piped applications in which the same data is entered multiple times, sapping productivity and leading to errors and inconsistencies. Learn how Oil and Gas clients address their most critical lease management challenges to ensure secure and efficient operations. How can you support property acquisition and divestiture in the oil and gas industry? What the technology needs to understand in order to meet the requirements for land lease management? How can the data entry error rate be reduced by automating lease management? Download this informative whitepaper to learn how to analyze and codify the processes that are germane to land lease management in oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas Cyber Security From SAP to ICS

White Paper: ERPScan

The Oil and Gas sector is an attractive target for hackers, and the cyber-attacks against companies involved in the industry continue to grow in number and sophistication, experts agree. SAP and Oracle systems are widely used in the industry (according to the SAP’s statement, more than 70 million barrels per day of oil are produced by companies using SAP solutions). ERPScan research team revealed that the enterprise applications located in the corporate network or even on the Internet are usually connected with devices in OT network; and the number of such connections is growing since the integration between OT and IT systems becomes deeper. This fact puts the oil and gas companies at risk of cyber-attacks. To lay the basis for further studies, the researchers provided brief introduction to Oil&Gas industry and short overview of enterprise application used in this sector. In particular, this white paper describes vulnerabilities in SAP xMII, SAP Plant Connectivity, SAP HANA, Oracle E-Business Suite platform.

The Power of Predictive Analytics: The Key Component of a Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Program

White Paper: InStep Software

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict A comprehensive equipment maintenance program should include a mix of predictive, reactive, preventative, and condition-based measures. But in the age of big data and analytics, predictive maintenance should be leading the way. Is your enterprise focusing on right key components of a comprehensive predictive analytics and equipment maintenance program? This whitepaper on “The Power of Predictive Analytics” describes in brief about the below topics: The (unfortunate) predominance of reactive maintenance Components of a comprehensive equipment maintenance program: Elements of different approaches The power of predictive maintenance software: Predictive analytics techniques Advantages and disadvantages of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) In order to truly monitor the overall health and performance of critical enterprise assets in real time, predictive analytics must be at the heart of any comprehensive equipment maintenance program.

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