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Maintenance Management

Can Safe Aircraft and MSG-3 Coexist in an Airline Maintenance Program?

White Paper: EmpowerMX

How can an air carrier take advantage of the MSG-3 based aircraft maintenance programs? In the aircraft maintenance world, MSG-3 is the root of all inspection schedules in a process starting before an aircraft enters service. Here is a look at this fascinating process of how manufacturers and operators work to achieve the end result. This whitepaper examines the development of aircraft maintenance program logic and offers suggestions for realizing the full safety of those developments. What are the three broad processes introduced by MSG-1 to classify the scheduled aircraft maintenance requirements? What are the four basic objectives of an efficient airline maintenance program generated by MSG-3? What are the MSG-3 requirements and the mandatory maintenance requirements generated by compliance to FAR 25.571 that a new aircraft usually have? Download this informative whitepaper to make the first step in making that necessary culture change and achieving the economic benefits of MSG-3 maintenance program in an air carrier’s maintenance organization.

Meeting the Accounting Challenges of Globalisation

White Paper: Sapphire Systems

Globalisation is seen as a trend, although barriers abound in the field of accounting as it has been changing dramatically. Globalization of the business environment presents many challenges in accounting, with significant differences in auditing practices, as rules, regulations, taxation and governance frameworks vary from region to region. In such conditions, meeting the accounting challenges is becoming hard, thus the need arises to answer a few questions such as: What are the key things to look for when evaluating a global accounting system? What should you look for when selecting a global accounting solution? What are the key changes required in accounting and accounting methods? What is the role of International Accounting Standards? Does the consulting team or partner have a presence in all of the countries you operate in? This whitepaper looks at some of the challenges organizations face in their quest to embrace globalisation, and identifies a new approach which overcomes cost and complexity to facilitate consistent financial reporting across the world.

Identity and Access Management: A Step-By-Step Transition From Requirement to Realization

White Paper: tools4ever

The Need of Identity and Access Management  Enterprise organizations are embracing holistic approaches as the next logical step in leveraging identity and access management (IAM) to achieve and maintain continuous security and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) health. Selecting the right IAM solution helps you to stay abreast in the latest developments in the field of cloud computing without sacrificing the organization’s capacity to take action. This informative white paper outlines the particular advantages of an identity-driven, holistic approach to achieve security, efficiency, and compliance within the enterprise. It provides answers to the following key questions: What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What are its major components? What are the risks involved with Identity and Access management? How to maintain compliance with the stricter laws and regulations in an increasingly complex IT environment with IAM tool? How to successfully deploy Identity Access Management? What business processes need to be put in place to support IAM? ​Ensure the right people have access to the right information with Identity and Access Management Services!!  

Four Steps to Building a Global Supply Chain Risk Management Platform

White Paper: PICS Auditing

Four Steps to Building a Global Supply Chain Risk Management Platform Managing global supply chain risk is difficult, as these risks range from the minor "bump" in the road to a company disaster. With the right proactive approach these risks can be mitigated and even eliminated. Do you want to identify and understand the possible causes, and direct and indirect effects of these risks?   Read this whitepaper which represents the 'four cornerstones for   impementing successful supply chain risk management process '' as well as addresses a few questions like: Which are the steps needed in building a global supply chain risk management platform? What are the common issues and challenges that exists in global supply chain management process? How are environmental factors affecting global supply chain risk management? How to prevent risk in global supply chain management process? How to improve supply chain risk management by monitoring for risks to your global supply chain process? The whitepaper also comes with a case study for Financial Solvency Verification.

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