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Legacy System

What if your legacy system could be the root cause of issues?

White Paper: Kenandy

In a technologically advanced world, why are there still so many companies using outdated legacy ERP software systems to manage their business operations? Why don't they simply switch to an updated and efficient management solution? Today’s tech-driven economy requires companies to adapt forward-looking, innovative solutions to compete. Cloud ERP solutions are now enabling companies to bridge that technology gap by helping them connect their disparate systems, automate manual processes, easily expand into new products or markets, and ditch the costly legacy systems that were holding them back from success. This whitepaper explores what’s possible with cloud ERP systems and how Cloud ERP can transform your business. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Signs Your Legacy ERP Is Holding You Back The Possibilities with Cloud Technology Breaking Down Barriers to Success Upgrade to Upstage Competitors

Testing Legacy Application Modernization

White Paper: Zeenyx Software

When a legacy application is modernized, transaction flow may be changed to adjust to the standards and capabilities of the new platform. If tests are automated using a traditional testing tool, those user interface changes would require a significant amount of test maintenance to get tests running on the new platform. AscentialTest provides a short-cut by allowing users to develop tests against the legacy application as a baseline and then converting them to the new user interface. This whitepaper on “Testing Legacy Application Modernization,” highlights: High level overview of how tests are created in AscentialTest Ways to convert the legacy objects to the new platform Components of Object definition How to ensure that the modernized version of the application produces the same results

The Value of Intelligent Capture in Accounts Payable Automation

White Paper: ABBYY

Intelligent Capture is catching the attention of organizations and causing a fundamental shift in the way businesses read and process paper and electronic documents. It eliminates the tiresome work of manual data entry and its associated errors, driving the return on investment in Accounts Payable automation. Intelligent capture software that includes document imaging, separation and classification of invoices, and data extraction and validation introduces integrity in the downstream AP processes. This informative whitepaper addresses questions like: How can you implement an intelligent capture solution successfully? What are the business systems that an intelligent capture system is typically integrated with? What are the key areas in which an intelligent capture technology can further enhance the Accounts Payable process? Download this white paper to learn why capture is important in your Accounts Payable automation initiative. 

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