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IT Managed Services eBook | Everything You Need to Know | Resultant

White Paper: Resultant

IT managed services—also called outsourced IT—keeps an eye on your technology systems and gives you a resource when anything goes wrong. Your provider makes sure your computers and servers and everything that supports them—the firewalls, software, applications—are up to date and functioning as they should. And, depending on which partner you choose, an IT managed services provider can help your organization reach its desired outcomes.  

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Cloud File Server Overview

White Paper: Storage Made Easy

Hybrid Cloud computing essentially continues to offer businesses all the benefits associated with the public cloud whilst enabling them to continue to have choices of storing certain types of data privately. This hybrid cloud computing white paper guides on how hybrid cloud file server can be used by businesses to achieve their objectives, creating a virtual, cloud server managed by you - the service provider.  This white paper on ''Hybrid Cloud Computing '' covers: What is a hybrid cloud file server? What are its solution features? How can hybrid cloud application help to solve the challenge of information aggregation, management, and control of all the companies of Information Clouds, from a single unique view? How can hybrid cloud computing serve your enterprise IT strategy? By intregating a cloud file server, you can reap the benefits such as: The Cloud File Server enables special folders to be set that all users in the company can instantly access. Secure Email Cloud File Sharing features The Cloud File Server enables unified access permissions for access across all Clouds that are mapped and exposed to the user base.  

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