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SharePoint Will be Your Repository for Governed Content

White Paper: Gimmal

Unified content governance in SharePoint sites require a variety of components and approaches to be used. Learn how to plan effective information architecture to ensure that the content governance in SharePoint solution meet your business needs. This informative whitepaper on “SharePoint Will be Your Repository for Governed Content” describes why SharePoint will remain your primary enterprise content management (ECM) repository for SharePoint content governance, regardless of how often analysts, consultants, or entrenched competitive vendors tell you otherwise. It addresses questions like: What are the complexities involved in implementing an enterprise SharePoint-based solution for content governance? What does SharePoint need for content governance? What are the enterprise challenges of content governance in SharePoint? Is SharePoint winning and forcing consolidation of the ECM and RM Market? Why is content governance from inside SharePoint the best approach? How a document can be manually moved to a separate and external repository of record, with a link or stub left behind in SharePoint Download this whitepaper that outlines the requirements for enterprise content governance of the full range of SharePoint content and best-practices for enterprise-scaled content governance based on a foundation in SharePoint.

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