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Solving Critical Workforce Challenges in the Aerospace & Defense Sector


Digital Transformation Solutions: The Key to Solving Critical Workforce Challenges in Aerospace & Defense The A&D industry, like many others, is facing severe talent shortages. So much so that by 2026, it’s predicted the industry will have 3.5 million job vacancies, and due to the skills gap, over half of them will not get filled. A reduced workforce, and one without the right skills or expertise, has hefty consequences for the A&D industry. Safety, compliance, and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time are just a few of the areas impacted by the shortage. How can the industry overcome this challenge? We’ve created a whitepaper based on our expertise as a leader within workforce transformation solutions and the trusted provider to 8 of the top 10 A&D companies to help you navigate these waters. The whitepaper, titled “Digital Transformation Solutions: The Key to Solving Critical Workforce Challenges in Aerospace & Defense” provides insight and guidance on: · How digital transformation can help solve a (lack of) people problem · Common use cases of digital transformation solutions · Recommendations for deploying these solutions

Insurance Data Integrated Platform

White Paper: MFX

Today's insurance industry companies face a time of tremendous change because of the shift in economic circumstances, changing customer expectations, and increased competition from new players in the market. To meet these challenges, the insurance industry is turning to digital transformation by adopting innovative business models similar to those increasingly seen in other industries. Data has always been at the center of the insurance industry, and despite the changes that are to come, data will continue to be the focal point of the industry. Insurance carriers have to leverage data as an asset, enabling automated decision-making in critical business processes in order to thrive. MFX Services has developed the Insurance Data Integrated Platform with this broader approach in mind. The IDIP is an Enterprise Information Management platform built specifically for the insurance industry. The platform has the ability to ingest data from any industry-standard core and auxiliary systems, leverage the data available regardless of whether it is of structured or unstructured format, and process it to create condensed information. This whitepaper paper focuses on three MFX solutions – the Insurance Data Integrated  Platform, the Unified Interactive Interface, and the MFX Corporate Records Solution each of which are designed to help P&C specialty insurers remain competitive in the future industry landscape. Download the guide now to discover: Facilitating digital transformation in the insurance industry What are the data-centric challenges typically faced by the insurance industry at large? How Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution address the needs of insurance carriers Advantages of MFX’s Unified Interactive Interface to insurance carriers  

Digital Business Platform 2.0

White Paper: Software AG

Digitalization is the road of moving towards digital business and digital transformation, as well as the creation of new digital revenue streams and offerings while doing so. Through digitalization, a company’s digitized resources are transformed into new sources of revenue and operational gains. Businesses need to develop entirely new processes based on modern software architectures in order to compete in the digital world. This whitepaper provides insights on how to successfully transform into a digital business. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The digitalization of the world and the (un)pleasant consequences Digitalization never stops Five building blocks of Digital Business Platform

Enterprise Digital Services & Digitalization Framework

White Paper: Bristlecone

Since digitalization is the key to enhancing customer experience, organizations go through the digitalization journey to create an ecosystem and provide a significant number of products and services which focus on the customer experience. This whitepaper defines digitization as the process by which various analog elements into electronically readable formats in order to create a paperless environment in an organization. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Need for Digital business transformation Structure of a Digital Transformation Framework Digitizing the business operations and the organization Enterprise Digitalization Roadmap in this digital era Digitalization creates a unique experience for all customer interactions in a controlled and predictable vendor environment.

The Power of Video Collaboration in Education

White Paper: ENA

Video conferencing technology has downsized and become a mobile means for collaboration. The evolution of video conferencing to video collaboration is fueled by the quest to build communicative and collaborative learning environments. Mobile technologies have drastically changed the face of video conferencing. And education has become of the most diverse and innovative markets for this mode of communication. This White Paper on video collaboration briefly discusses about: How video technologies are expanding role/presence in education? Why video collaboration has become a must-have tool that is here to stay in education? How mobile video technologies like classroom video conferencing are impacting education? What are the Challenges remedied by mobile and desktop video solution? How to use educational video conferencing/collaboration to create a new culture for teaching and learning and driving a digital shift? What’s next for video collaboration in education?

The New Breed of CIOs:Are CIOs Becoming More Invested in

White Paper: k2

Are CIOs becoming more invested in “the digital experience?” What kind of digital transformation strategy is needed to drive this experience? To drive digital transformation and growth, CIOs should be digitally savvy and obsessed with CX proficiency. In the future, they might face challenges stemming from more sophisticated business demands, and it's important to respond to those with agility, efficiency and organization. This informative whitepaper on Digital Transformation mainly focuses on: Painting the big picture while driving new revenue and delivering a quick ROI Simplifying and optimizing business productivity Business Apps: Where agility meets digital transformation Cyber security: Top concerns for CIOs Agile: The new norm Download this whitepaper and find out how flexible business transformation platform can improve customer-facing processes and accelerate revenue.

Succeeding in Digital Transformation: A Guide for the CIO

White Paper: Enfocus Solutions

Implementation of modern technology in our daily life is a credit to digital transformation success. Research shows that only companies with a culture open to changes can leverage digital transformation to the maximum. For a successful digital transformation, the CIO of the company has to be more involved with the changes in business vision, IT infrastructure, and investments. The CIO has to understand the process completely as well as take the initiative to be the leader in the whole structural conversion to digital transformation. Key Takeaways from this whitepaper: Customer obsession is the need of the hour for digital transformation success. Digital disruption of mobile experience has enhanced customer’s expectation. Collaboration within the company can strengthen customer experience, the solution to successful digital transformation. Swift analysis of customer expectation by experimenting with new information types. Technology and business leadership are the major criteria for the CIO towards embracing digital transformation.

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